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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Are You On The Right Path

How do you know if you are on the right path. What does a 'path' look like and even more important, what does YOUR path look like?

Here are my thoughts to help you determine if you are on your right path:

Were you born from the womb? You are on the right path.

Are there parts of your life that are/were dark and difficult? You are on the right path.

Are there parts of your life that are easy and effortless? You are on the right path.

Have you been forced to look at yourself, deeply? You are on the right path.

Are your days magical? You are on the right path.

Are your days hell? You are on the right path.

Do you feel everything and everyone on our planet? You are on the right path.

Do you feel nothing? You are on the right path.

Do you get it yet? All paths are the right path, there are no 'wrong' paths. My belief is that all paths, all journeys, lead eventually to the same place. It's simply your choices that determine how you get there. You see, along your journey you will be given many choices, many tributaries, many streams, side roads, forks in the road, branches, alternate routes. These are your choices in how you get to your ultimate destination. These are what determine your experience in his human form. But in the end, they all lead to one place, it's just a matter of what you wish to learn, what you wish to shift and what you design your experience to be.

Some people believe life is clearly random. It's more comfortable to ride that wagon when you see hardship, violence, victims. And maybe it is. But you still have choices. How do you see these occurrences? How do you respond? How do you react? How do you allow each experience to define you?

There is no 'one' path. Your Soul wants to know something. It wants to learn and experience something. This will happen no matter which road you take. You may do it in this lifetime or the next, that too is your choice. Some of us will not do this human-thing again. It's our last time around in 3d dimension. That can be hard to process. Even if your belief is that we are part of all that is, and part of the fiber of God but chose to come here and forget it all and have only this. BTW; who's idea was that anyway?

Don't worry beautiful soul, star traveler, cosmic wanderer. You ARE on the right path. Just step out there, put one foot in front of the other, make your choices and know with certainty that you are headed directly to your ultimate destination, Home. And So It Is. Aho.



(Art by Katherine Skaggs)

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