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Beyond the Veil

Empowering the Warrior within

Coming  Soon

A 4 week experience in altering the energies of the earth

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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

A virtual retreat guiding you through the ancient art of Shamanic Journeying and Transmutation

Welcome, beautiful one, as we step together into the unseen realms.

Moving through time and dimensions we will cross the boundaries of the veil into the world of ‘direct revelation’.

Hello Beautiful Soul.

My name is Robin and I am your Sacred Guide.

I have had the honor of being a part of a group of women who are creators. We have each birthed an offering to the world and are now ready to walk hand in hand with you as we navigate these times of unraveling and unlearning. 


This course is a call to those that desire to understand Shamanism in a deeper way, to hone your sacred practices to affect change in the world. 

This is the place where all your Guides, Guardians and Helping Spirits wait
In this place beyond the veil.

They wait for you to ask for...

... their help and intervention ...

... their knowledge and wisdom ...

... their healings and blessings ...

They are here to help you grow, to heal, to expand your experience and your contribution in our world today. What is your next step? How can you help? What is your unique super power to affect change?

Your Guides will show you.

I Feel You

These are challenging times, beautiful one.  You may notice a feeling of loss or lack in essential needs, whether that’s actually true for you or not. I myself have had periods of feeling helpless and a loss of purpose. Isolation and uncertainty can bring many unresolved experiences to the surface for us and we can feel great concern for those more harshly affected than we are. It’s a lot for us to carry. All of these can affect our ability to contribute, to feel whole, to know we can be of service.

With My Guidance

With my guidance, you will begin to feel ‘normal’ again. You will learn a simple but powerful practice that will allow you to contribute, to do your part and affect a change in the energy around you and in situations that otherwise feel and look impossible. You will learn to use your innate light and energy to alchemize that which you are called to by Spirit. Your feelings of helplessness, confusion and powerlessness will disappear as you step into your divine nature. You will show up in the world in your divine wholeness.

As we move through this experience, I want you to know you will be held and guided.

My Helping Spirits and I have already created a sacred container in the unseen realms to hold us in safety and in love.  This is our container, our protection.

You will be guided. I will answer any questions you have and guide you with the help of my own helping Spirits.

This will be held via Zoom along with a private Facebook group. Within the group, you can share your experiences, and I will be there to help you sort out any questions you may have.

"I believe we all carry this ability within us, this ability to alchemize energy, we just need to re-member it. As we step into our new world and new way of being, we are being asked to move into our gifts, share our magic with the world and use it to make positive change."

For more information or to register, please follow the link above

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