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Offerings to bring you relief, connection, healing and growth.

I am here to be your guide in becoming the Alchemist of your life.

Healing Sessions

In a healing session we look to the South on the medicine wheel and the element of fire. Fire is the element of transformation and the South of growth and expansion from the seeds we have planted. It is the element of support and the external container of the heart.

Massage Therapy

For massage we look to the West on the medicine wheel and the element of water. The West is about deepening introspection and releasing. The element of water is about flow and the releasing of the muscle tissue. 











For readings we look to the East on the medicine wheel and the element of air. The East is about new beginnings, the 'unmanifest'. The element of air is where we return to Spirit, to the Akasha. Where we find guidance.

Blended Sessions

For our blended sessions we look to the North on the Medicine Wheel.  The element of Earth. Bringing all the parts of you together in complete support for your body, spirit and mind. Offering you all the tools you need for rebirth, transformation and a new way of tapping into your true self, your soul.
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