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About Robin

Shamanic Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Angel Practitioner (TM)

Certified Master of Crystology

Healing Touch Practitioner

First Degree Practitioner of Huna Kane

Certified Fairyologist



You could say I had a 'mid-life-awakening', quit my corporate job of 30 years and welcomed my "Soul Self" home. It has been scary, challenging, transformative and magical. I am an Intuitive, a Sacred Guide and a conduit for Your healing, this is why I came to this earth, to this time. Massage Therapy was the gateway for the development of my natural intuitive and creative gifts and these gifts are constantly growing and evolving, as am I!


As a child I was very aware of the 'other world', at that time I just didn't know what to do with it. I am in gratitude to my Guides and Helping Spirits for traveling with me along my path to this point and for what is still to come in my journey here on earth. Opening me, challenging me, pushing me, breaking and re-membering me, always in Divine love. Even though I came to this life forgetting who I truly am, my Soul remembered and knew that my purpose here in this incarnation is that of healer, teacher and student. We never stop learning while we are here. We must  allow ourselves to learn and grow, otherwise we stop unfolding to the brilliant light we can be in this life.

Allowing Spirit to speak to me as well as through me, to teach me and lead me is what makes me a compassionate and safe vessel for You and your growth. Even with the gifts I have been given, Spirit teaches me something new each time I work with you. Whatever your intention is when you are led to this Sacred Space, know that You have answered a call that will change your experience here on earth.  


Understand that you are loved. You are guided. You are a part of all that is and you are in exactly the right place at this moment in time. I am here to help you connect with your Soul's' purpose, your path, your Guides, You. We will untangle your beliefs, all that you think you know, what the world has told you and what the world looks like to you, then we will guide you on a journey to re-membering your authentic self, your true self, your Soul self.

Let's journey home.


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