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House of theHeart

An Intentional Creativity® play date

Presented by Robin Wiggs
Alchemy of Light

Join The Fun!

April 3, 2022

Art = Play

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What happens for you when I say "art"?
Does your mind scream "I'M NOT AN ARTIST!" Or do you unconsciously say to your self "I have no artistic talent". 

These are common beliefs and guess what? That's perfect! When we use art-play for healing, the less you know the better. 

You see, it's not about 'talent' or 'skill' or 'technique',  it's about being free to express yourself in a creative way. 

This is exactly what we do with Intentional Creativity in my upcoming art-play, "House of the Heart".

What will we do?  

First we will gather in person and set our intention to have fun.  To do this I absolutely insist that you invite your Five year old, because what Five Year Old doesn't love to create?! 

We will find a story within, a story that lives with us. One that travels with us, haunts us. A story that does not serve us but shows up in all of our experiences and relationships. Then we will use a short creative writing to express this story. 

We then rewrite the story claiming agency over the story and over ourselves. Standing in our sovereignty and empowerment. Knowing and owning our ability to self-heal while we express ourselves in color and form and just have fun!


Acrilic Paints
House of the Heart.jpg

And finally, we create a safe place with lots of love for our new story to live (House of the Heart).  This is where your Five year old self will be your BFF. 

So come and join me and let your inner child express her creative self and show you how to create a pathway to healing.

This class is in person so there will not be a recording. Please allow 2-3 hours for the class.

All supplies will be provided

We are not doing an 'art class', we are using a process of intentional creativity to bring about healing, to change the energetics of a belief or pattern, to reimagine your thought. 


Come and have some fun, express that creativity I know you have been waiting to bust out, rewrite an old story and reimagine how you create your own healing through intention, art and play.


Sunday April 3, 2022 11AM MST (10AM Pacific- 1PM Eastern

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