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Sacred Return
Coaching Within Ceremony

Hello Beautiful.

You found your way here, to this sacred space. You have finally arrived. 

Whatever your thoughts, however your life looks now, you can rest assured you are being held and you have been guided.  Thank you for answering the call of Spirit, for allowing yourself to be guided.

Thank you for being in flow.

As your guide, I will walk with you along this life-reclaiming path. Unraveling any ties that no longer align with your greater purpose, recovering knowledge that may have been lost along your experiences and uncovering gifts you may not yet have remembered. 


As we work one-on-one, and with the guidance of Spirit, we are creating sacred synergy, a sacred container, we are in Sacred Ceremony. When we gather , a new realm of transformation opens up creating a field that is brimming with power, insight and knowledge. 

Over time you will connect deeper and more honestly with yourself. You will become intimate with your Soul and how it guides you as well as with your Helping Spirits. You will easily create deeper relationships with those you love. This is about you remembering.


I am honored to walk beside you as you journey along the path of your life, as you meet with and bring back parts of yourself you may have forgotten or left behind. As you become intimate with your Helping Spirits who have always been by your side. As you come to understand your life path, how you got where you are and where you are destined to go.  It will be delightful as you claim your amazing, witchy, wise,cosmic and magical self.

I am your guide, your cheer leader, the channel, the soft place for you to land while you heal and regain your power, your truth.   Let me guide you into remembering your truth.



This is your Sacred Return

This journey asks a commitment of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months (your call), and is a bi-weekly one-on-one session via phone or Zoom meeting . (Zoom can be recorded for you, if by phone you have the option to record yourself.)

You and I are entering into a Soul Contract as this is as much a commitment from me as it is from you. I am committed to your healing and reclamation. 

This offering was a gift from Spirit and I am honored to walk beside you on your journey of remembering.

3 Month Soul contract $999.00

6 Month Soul contract $1998.00

9 Month Soul contract $2997.00

12 Month Soul contract $3996.00

Payment plans available
$375 per month