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sThis is a journey back to you.  A Sacred Return to self. And it requires a commitment from you.  You choose to walk this path for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. 

During this time we meet bi-weekly to see where you are in your process and where you want to go and we work from there. Because we are working longer-term, with commitment, it gives us time to touch many areas of your life. We have time to dig deep as you are ready to. There is pretty much no limit on what we can uncover, reveal and heal during these sessions. 

Using my Shamanic experience and the process of 'Direct Revelation', (from Source/your guides, your Higher Self), we meet with many guardians and guides, ancestors if they wish to help, aspects of yourself from your past and your future. You will be given practices and rituals to support you and strengthen your spiritual journey. 

This way of guiding you was a gift from my personal Guides. I will be there with you, walking with you, guiding you, holding space for your experience The transformations I have witnessed have been miraculous. I am honored to work with you in this way because seeing you discover and hold your own powerful medicine is a beautiful thing.

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