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Healing Offerings

Soul of Your Business

Do you have a business or are starting one? Let me be your guide on a journey to meet with the Spirit of your business. You and I will form questions to allow the deepest answers to come forth for you. You will gain direction and insight to bring the full gift of your business into reality for you. If you prefer, I can journey for you alone and pass on the results to your questions. 



Shamanic Clearing

 Don't let this one fool you, this is a powerful hour of clearing and Divined information. It's like a reading and healing all in one short session. We will clear your energy field, calm your mind and nervous system, expose any blocks and bring in your radiant light, maybe go on a Shamanic journey or you can just receive a Reiki-like treatment and walk away renewed and uplifted. Spirit will guide our work, make necessary adjustments and offer any information relevant to you in this moment on your journey.
1 hour | $77


Shamanic Healing

This will take you deep into Spiritual healing, clearing lifetimes of cell memory, meeting your Helping Spirits and setting you on your way to your soul's purpose here in this lifetime. Shamanic practices and techniques such as Soul Retrieval, Curse Unraveling and Journeying as well as Intuitively guided and Healing Touch techniques for clearing, healing, guidance and transformation. We may drum, rattle, tone and take a Shamanic journey. We will go as led by Spirit.  
Let's find your way home. 

 2 hrs | $222



As with all sessions, our Helping Spirits will show us your direction for today. We will do deep Shamanic work and combining my gifts from my years of practice, we will determine your needs and where Spirit wants to lead.  This session is a gift from my Helping Spirits and each session will be unique. Please come with an open heart.

About 90 min | $177

Conscious Breath

Too often we live our lives out-of-body and not present. We fall down, have accidents, repeatedly bump and bruise ourselves, have behaviors that aren't of our truth. Maybe we can't sleep and forget important things.
We forget our own divinity.
I will guide you through a meditation which will help you connect to yourself through your breath. This will help you learn to be present physically, emotionally and mentally as well radiate your divine being and connect with all that is. (I can record your session for you if requested).


Sound Healing

We are vibration. It's what holds us together, it creates the energy within and around us. Can that get disrupted? Of course! Dis-ease, anxiety, fear, illness and tension are all symptoms of that vibrational disruption. With singing bowls, drum, rattle, tuning forks, toning and Spiritual intercession we can bring your vibration back into balance. Let the bowls communicate with your body and spirit, restoring that delicate balance. Let them bring in Light Codes and activation's from the Universe and nurturing from The Mother. Let us bring you back to yourself and that perfect vibrational balance that is You.

 45 minutes | $88

Surgical Support

When we have a surgical procedure we can open ourselves up to energies that are not ours. Energies left in the operating space, with the instruments, the doctor, etc. Preparing the surgical space beforehand, as well as the doctor and the team are helpful in alleviating this possibility and can allow for the best outcome for your healing. I will, energetically, go before the day and time of your surgery and prepare the space. I will also bring in a protective energy, guides for the doctor and the surgical team as well as allowing for any adjustments in the schedule to bring about the safest and most healing outcome for you.

This session is done on my own time before your scheduled surgery | $111

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