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Abstract Smoke

I Am Oracle

Listening to the Voice of the Soul

Saturday, January 14, 2023


Saturday, February 18, 2023


5511 W 56th Av Suite 130

Arvada, Colorado 80003

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We are here to create a transformation of old stories and/or beliefs/behaviors/ programming into what our Soul wishes for us

This is an in-person event. As we move through this 4-ish hour workshop, we will identify your limiting belief, find it's antidote (it's innate medicine) and in the process create our own personal oracle deck.

All supplies are furnished. If you wish, please bring an item to place on our collective altar to support your intention for the day.

In our workshop we will....



Identifying any old story and asking your soul what is the new truth, the antidote, the living medicine.

Maybe you simply want more joy in your life today. 

These are not meant to be masterpieces to be viewed, admired or sold. These are  soul support for your new way of being or thinking.


Creating with intention is powerful and transformative. Let's harness that energy to shift what may be holding you back from stepping into your brilliant and beautiful light.

I'm ready to listen to the voice of my soul...

Because you are your own Oracle.


Your beautiful Soul has so much to say to you, about you, for you. We are busy getting on with life or living by reaction that often we simply don't hear what it has to say.

Here we will take time, we will listen, we will feel, we will distill the new words and thoughts and create our own Oracle deck so that we can keep reminding ourselves of how beautiful, powerful and amazing we are.

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