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Do you know how powerful it is to create your own healing tools?


Hello powerful creatrix and welcome!

In this workshop/playshop we will create alongside Spirit, creating with intention a Spirit Wand to walk with you on your spiritual journey. Bringing into form a sacred tool to assist you, to help guide you, heal you and play in the realm of Spirit with you!

Working in this way we allow the true energy and purpose of your sacred tool to manifest in physical form.

It will have it's own purpose.  It's own intention. It's own way of being and it's own way of assisting you on your path. All things created with intention come into form with a spirit, a soul.  It is a living energy ready to work alongside you. 

And we will have FUN! 


Because when we move in the realm of spirit, when we allow ourselves to be guided to bring something magical into form, we have fun! That's important. You want your creations, your tools to have an infusion of joy and fun in them. Not the stress and "not good enough" and the "I can't" or the need for perfection we often feel when we are asked to create. 


There will be none of that in this experience! 

How will your personal Spirit Wand serve you? Will it be a guardian over your altar?  Will it travel with you and assist you in your work or as you learn? Will it find a place of protection in your space? Or maybe it will stay near your bed and travel with you in your dreamtime? 

Only your wand, and you will know. It has a specific purpose just for you that it will share when we consecrate it into service. 


If you are drawn to this experience, your wand already knows what it will become, it's waiting for you to discover and bring into form. Let's create something powerful and magical. A tool to work side-by-side with you on your spiritual journey. 

Let's play with intention and bring your Helping Spirit into form.

Sunday, March 28, 2021  Noon MST/2pm EST






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