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Spirit Readings


A Spiritual Coaching session. No cards or tools, come with your question or concern and by tapping into my gift of channeling, I will bring from Spirit the guidance you need today.

As our time with Spirit is sacred, please come prepared with specific concerns for yourself.

My gift is not fortune-telling, it is a connection to Divine energy. Please respect that as well as my time and energy and be prepared when you come.


Zoom, phone or in-person sessions available


30 minute session | $55

(Due to the shorter time length, a 30 minute session is a phone or Zoom only session (NO In-person). If you want a recording, I can do that for you through Zoom with pre-scheduling; otherwise you can record on your phone.)

60 minute session | $88

 90 minute session | $150

These sessions are phone, Zoom (I can record your session) or in-person.
Please make a note of which you prefer when scheduling your appointment.


If you choose phone or Zoom, I will invoice you before your scheduled time.
Please make sure your payment is complete before we meet.