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Robin Wiggs

Color of Woman Intentional Creativity® Teacher In-Training

A Two Day Painting Retreat

June 25-26 2022

10-4 (each day)

5511 W 56th Av Suite 130

Arvada, Colorado 80002


Hello, It's Me
Painting your creative spirit

Setting Intentions

Opening Portals



Transforming Stories




These are the tools of Intentional Creativity®

The Fun Part

I want to invite you to meet your old stories, invite your Creative Spirit in and move through a 13 step process to bring a visionary painting of your healing journey onto the canvas.


Let me ask, what happens for you when I say "art"?
Does your mind scream "I'M NOT AN ARTIST!" Or do you unconsciously say to yourself "I have no artistic talent". 😏

These are common beliefs and guess what? That's perfect! When we use art for healing, the less you know the better. 


Do you often sit in judgement of what others might think of your creations?

You see, it's not about 'talent' or 'skill' or 'technique',  it's about being free to express yourself in a creative way, it's about being courageous, it's about being in flow with your own healing or fighting with all your might if needed. Because we are all creative. We all carry a creative spirit within us. This is where the fun, adventure and discovery find you.

The philosophy of Intentional Creativity® is taking what is happening in your life, what has happened, what comes forward while you're painting and using symbol, color and form to surrender it to the canvas. To take an active role in your own healing and shifting of patterns. To find a source, a creative source, as a possible path to your intuition, your creativity, your five year old that loved to create and just have fun. 


We will meet for 2 days and dive as deep as you wish to go. During the process we will open portals, make our mark on our canvas as a way of claiming our agency over ourselves, and use our canvas as a portal to release and healing. 

As you move through your process, you have a visual form of your journey. Something you can tough, to sit with, listen to and be proud of the courage it took for you to take this step.

All art supplies will be provided for you, including water, tea, chocolate and encouragement.


What you need to bring: 

A light lunch and any snacks you may need to nourish yourself throughout the day

An apron or clothes that you don't mind getting paint on because, paint happens !

This two day adventure retreat is a $300 value so if you're considering it at all, this is your time to say YES!

As an extra bonus, if you bring a friend they get a discount. 

(Seats are limited so that I can give you all the attention you need)


Joyful Expressions

You did an amazing job holding that space and bringing us into it. It wasn’t about the quality of the painting, and that’s what makes this appeal and be fitting for everyone.  It was so incredible to set myself free, to actually let my muse take me on a journey. A quest to complete my declaration.Your set-up, your supplies, your cues are perfect.  I loved the questions you asked us in the beginning. Journaling our answers was key. It gave me a path to see how far I’d come through the class. The class flew by!! I wanted more time. To dig deeper, to unravel more layers, to paint more. I truly feel you’ve found your next calling. You’re very gifted at this!! I can’t stop raving to everyone about this experience.  Corey B.

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