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I've missed you, have you missed me? I hope so. I hope that some of what I have shared with you in the past has value for you personally. Either immediately as you read it or much later as you experience an event. These aren't just musings, they are either personal experiences that created a deepening for me or a direct message from Spirit. That being said, let me know if there is something you would like to read about and I'll check in with Spirit and see what comes forth.

There is something I've wanted to share with you. A download that came to me recently, an epiphany, an upgrade in the way I recognize my own agency over myself and my life experience. A direct message from my Helping Spirits (and it even had a curse word 😵)

It came in like this, "You know that belief in the spiritual word that you block your access to abundance (financial independence, joy, love, health, etc ?) That's a bunch of B.S.. What is actually happening is that you have been programed to look for your failings in all things. This comes from centuries of 'oppression for control' and convoluted religious teachings."

Whoa.................Insert mind-blown emoji here 🤯 What is actually true is that YOU are the author of your story. You have complete agency over yourself and your experience here. You/We are being called to change and shift anything in our life that disempowers us. We are called to heal ourselves, to ferret out that which keeps us hidden, feeling small, less than, undeserving, failing, powerless, a victim. You are not doing it wrong. Because, there is no wrong. But if you consistently look for your wrongdoings, your failings, your un-knowing or your unhealed self and you let this inform you in all things, well, where your focus is that's where your reality is. It doesn't mean we shouldn't be aware of these places. We all have some level of healing to do here, that's why we are here, to learn, to experience, to heal, to be accountable for who we are and become even better versions of ourselves.

But, how do we change this in ourselves? How do we become better versions? It requires a transformation. A transformation is nothing more than 'to be conscious of'. Conscious of who you are, how you function in your mind and heart and what that looks like in the outside world. Conscious of the power you hold.

Let me say that again "Conscious of the power you hold".

Here are a couple of new thoughts that dropped in right after the message. Please feel free to adopt them, shift them as needed or create your own.

"I am the author of my story."

"I am stepping out of the meta-field (energy) that asks/expects me to spend my energy and time looking for my failings. I am not failing."

"I refuse to buy into the belief system that I block my access to abundance (financial independence, joy, love, health, inner peace.)"

I hope this is helpful for you and you take the time to be honest with yourself and notice where this may be a practice or habit of yours. I can't tell you how many times (uh,can we say every time) that I have looked to myself to find a block and feeling a failure at trying to identify even that. I only knew that something wasn't working. Some of this came from my family upbringing and some of it from my religious background. It's that belief, that programming, that repeating default pattern of believing we are unworthy and it must be our fault that keeps us struggling. It keeps us from the full joy that this life can bring. It keeps us from embracing and loving the fullness of ourselves and who we are.

I won't declare that this will fix everything for you. We all have our lessons and experiences in this life. But this one practice will help you feel your own power, your ability to overcome and move beyond. To look for the joyful and abundant places in your life rather than those places of lack and failure and blame.

You, beautiful soul, deserve. You are worthy, you are amazing and you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. Step into that like the magical being you are. Transform your thoughts, shift your belief systems, question everything you have believed to be true about yourself and your world. YOU are the author of your story. Make it a beautiful one.


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