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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Throat Chakra

How is your voice? Is it strong? Is it raspy? Do you whisper or mumble? Shout? Are you unable to speak sometimes or unable to shut up? Well say hello to your Throat Chakra. Your 5th chakra and the first of the three Spiritual Chakras.

Name: Throat Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Vishudda

Location: At the divot at the base of the front of your neck (and through the back of course)

Color: Turquoise or Sky Blue

Associated Stones: Blue Lace Agate, Turquoise, Aquamarine

"I Speak"

How do you speak? Have you given any thought to that or listened to yourself speak? The Throat Chakra is our chakra of Communication. It is the center of your self-expression, the seat of speaking your truth. It is a chakra of expression and clarity. It is literally your Chakra of truth and the means for us to express our Divine Spirit to our world.

When your Throat Chakra is balanced and healthy, you communicate with clarity, integrity, in a positive way and with intention. You know the power of your words and how they affect others as well as ourselves, based on their delivery. Does it feel safe for you to express yourself verbally ?

Do you speak clearly or do people have trouble hearing you, or decoding what you say? Are you a good listener or an interrupter? Are you able to express yourself in a calm and collected way or only in outbursts? Do you speak truth or exaggerate? Do you feel heard and do you hear others? Is your voice clear or does it feel and possibly sound strained? These are all Throat Chakra indications, some good and some indicate a chakra out of harmony.

Speak your truth. Speak clear and honestly. Be respectful with your words and expressions. Sing a song. Hum a tune. Laugh. Breathe deep and allow your throat to expand.

Affirmation: "I freely express my thoughts and feelings with balance. My voice is truthful and strong. It is safe for me to express myself"



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