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Your Inner Shaman

As I was writing about Shamanism the other day I felt it was ok to divert just a bit and talk about YOUR Inner Shaman. You have one, actually you are one. It's within you. All that you will ever need lies within you, it only requires awakening and acknowledging.

There was a time in my life where nothing held anything new for me. I truly felt as though I had seen everything. I remember thinking, "Is this it? I've seen it all?" I realize now how short-sighted that was but the feeling was real at the time.

This was the time in my life I was directed to 'look within' rather than outside of myself for new sight, new experiences, new truth, new awakenings.

I was directed to notice how this 'inner look', this 'inner well', holds the power for radical change within and outside of ourselves.

This Inner Shaman, this Inner You is where you will find complete peace, health, joy, vitality, inspiration, creativity, curiosity. It is where you can let go and let God. It is where you are safe in the arms of life itself and safe with you.

We are already all 'One'. It is the ego and fear that separate us from each other and more importantly, from ourselves. There is only love. It is all there is in the Universe and all there is innately within us. Anything else is self-imposed.



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