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"The longest journey you'll ever make is the journey from your head to your heart" Lissa Rankin M.D.

This statement felt so powerful to me this morning. As I teach my clients to honor themselves and take back their power (which is my lesson this lifetime), and to simply trust their inner knowing, it can be difficult for some to wrap their minds around the difference between head and heart. We are so used to and programmed to only hear our minds that we have forgotten about our heart-brain.

Our heads, our brain, is like a computer. It only knows what it has been told, seen, been taught or experienced. Yes it has the ability to make choices and judgements, but those are all based on what has been input, what it has been exposed to, what you have been told or taught to believe.

Your heart, your heart-brain, this is your truth. Your essence. Your Higher Self. Your heart center has an innate intelligence that you brought to this lifetime to guide you, to lead you through this experience. Studies are now showing that our heart organ actually has a brain within it, separate from our head-brain.

We have become so 'head centered' that we have forgotten our true north, our built in compass, our heart center. It's that still-small-voice in you, your intuition, your Higher Self. Whatever you wish to call it, it is your truth. It is your innate guidance, your innate intelligence. It will never fail you.

The good news is, once you start listening to it, heed it's guidance, it gets stronger and it gets easier for you. Before you are even aware, it becomes natural for you to 'tune in' to your heart-brain for answers, for your truth. This is where you grow, where you un-learn, where you expand.

I believe this is the journey for humanity. Tuning into and trusting our innate gifts, our innate guidance. Unlearning all that we currently believe so that we can touch that soul part of ourselves and each other.



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