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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Tough Love

How many things do you think you push away from yourself?

How many blessings do you think you tell the Universe you don’t want?

I want you to come to a new understanding on just how powerful you are. Almost without effort, you draw things into your energy field and your life, and you push things away.

These ‘things’ are gifts, blessings, means of abundance, love, success, ease.

It’s important to pay attention to, even seek out, those thoughts that we are not consciously aware of.

The “I don’t want that” “I can’t have that” “That’s not for me” Even when you say something like “ha, in another life” as a response to abundance or prosperity or even joy and ease for you……..These tell the Universe you simply don’t want them. Just keep everything ‘as is’.

Then there are the thoughts we send to people. The barbs. The spears. The sharp uncomfortable energy zingers that they actually feel, just from our thoughts.

Is there someone you have an estranged relationship with? Someone that you just don’t have a kind word for? Or maybe you repeat the same line each time they come up in a conversation.

You are a powerful energetic being. When you think a negative thought about yourself, it weakens your energy field and allows in energies you may not want to carry around. Also, it keeps you from planting seeds of change and expansion in others when they walk through your field. It actually helps to keep them down or stuck where they are.

When you think a negative thought about another person, they feel it. Something feels off. Or there is a physical response in their body. Now these are normally people we don’t want to be connect to but guess what, those thoughts, those barbs you send out, actually cord you or connect you to those people. Thereby solidifying the connection that doesn’t serve either of you.

YOU are being called to be more responsible with your energy, your thoughts, your presence.

If we all stay in the same place we are right now, our world will never shift to the light. You are the foot soldier for that shift and it’s your responsibility to clean up your own act.

Just because these ‘thoughts’ are not completely in your conscious mind does not mean you are not responsible.

A very big part of your personal work, your shadow work, is identifying and changing those auto-programs. Saying you weren’t aware will not keep you from being accountable.

It’s your work, your personal work, to take time and seek out these things in your mind and in your behavior and in your repeating patterns that do not serve humanity in a positive way.

This is your work.

When you learn to hold higher vibrational light in your body, every person that walks by you, or is in your presence is affected. A seed is planted in them.

They may not know how or where it happened but they will then have a desire, a need to seek this light for themselves. It may not make sense to them but it will drive them.

This process of affecting each other is negated when we carry within us, in our fields, in our minds, in our hearts, negative energies, thoughts and patterns.

It’s up to you. This is your work here. This is part of your shadow work.

As you clean up yourself, your system automatically will hold more high vibrational light.

We have to let go of the need for an apology. The need to be right. The need to be the one that was victimized and hurt. It doesn’t matter and I know that’s a very foreign thought for us as human beings.

But let me say it again, It doesn’t matter. What matters is how your transform that experience within yourself, which then transforms the energy of the experience.

If you need help with any of this please pick up your phone and call. A Discovery Call is free and I would love to talk with you.

Thank you for showing up, for being here and thank you for having the courage to say Yes to being that shift.

Love to you



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