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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Happiness is an Accomplishment

This was my tea tag this morning and it took me by surprise. Happiness, An accomplishment??

That most likely means, work. My responsibility.

Doesn’t happiness just happen? Doesn’t it just come to you, if you’re good, if you’re lucky? If you’re in the right place at the right time? If the Universe shines on you? If fortune is in your favor? If everyone does what they’re supposed to do to make you happy???

Or do you see it as something that other people are fortunate enough to have but it’s not for you.

Maybe you don’t deserve it. Maybe you think others in your life keep happiness from you, it’s their fault. If only they would…….

If this would happen or that happen or I win the lottery or, or, or.

Maybe you see yourself as happy even though the life around you is in chaos. You try to put out that image of yourself, that image of happiness.

Are you really happy or are you faking it till you make it? Only you can determine that.

When you see other people who appear happy, are you jealous? Do you feel you will never be there? Do you think they are lucky?? Do you unconsciously wish them bad or feel resentful?

It’s ok, we are all human and we have these seemingly natural responses to others and situations. It’s who we are and what we do.

But if you are truly happy, if you feel it in your soul, if you live it every day, you won’t wish harm to anyone. There’s no need. You won’t be jealous. You won’t feel ‘unlucky’ or like everyone else has something you don’t or can’t. I’m not saying your life will be perfect, but you will know a difference.

Let’s keep in mind, our perception of others happiness is most likely far greater than their reality. We are emotional beings with vivid and lovely imaginations and one of our main drives in life is to want. It’s what keeps us evolving. So of course we WANT what we perceive others to have.

Now, how do we attain happiness? Is it a great job or more money? A boat? New house? Perfect health? A spouse or partner who cooperates and sees to our every whim? Someone who treats us like a Queen or king? Children who don’t talk back? A perfect weight, size, body?

These are not things that create happiness. They may compliment your life, and just as likely they might complicate your life.

Now, you CAN fake it till you make it, IF you are taking steps to shift whatever it is in your life that is off. Holding that energy of happiness (or your perception of happiness) as you work your way in that direction. This is possible.

Let me ask you a few questions; What do YOU do to nurture yourself? Do you expect someone else, or maybe everyone to do that for you?

What do you do to nurture yourself and make sure your needs are being met?

By your needs, I am talking about health, down time, sleep, nutrition, creativity, connection.

Do you create down time in your life? Do you have a place you have created in your world, in your home, where you can find peace and stillness?

Do you spend time in nature?

Do you spend time in silence?

Do you disconnect?

Do you connect?

Do you get enough rest, or rest when your body says regardless of what someone else needs from you?

Do you compromise and find ways of equitable resolution?

Do you seek professional help when needed?

Do you give with your heart? Meaning, do you offer help to your loved ones and strangers and give without resentment or expectation?

Do you take accountability for your own behavior and repeating patterns?

Do you nourish yourself with healthy food?

Do you practice caring for yourself in healthy ways?

Do you participate in, expand on and grow your spiritual practice?

Do you allow yourself the time and space to ‘go within’ and connect with your soul’s voice?

These are all things that can create happiness within you. In your life.

And they will improve your health, your relationships and your general perception of the world and your place in it.

It’s not anyone’s fault that you may be unhappy. Maybe it’s not even your fault. But you do have the power to shift that. You and only you.

You have the tools and the ability to create happiness in your life. Do you have the will?



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