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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

What a Wild Ride

That time when........

Whew! It was a quite a ride from the last full moon to this new moon

Somewhere in there I felt as though it was just me, like I was doing something wrong

Maybe I was out of alignment with where I was, what I was doing, who I am

What a mind game we can play with ourselves

Know, dear one, that during those times you are being

re-calibrated, upgraded, re-aligned

It’s uncomfortable because our bodies also have to adjust to the new energy frequency

It will happen, your body will adjust and you will feel better

More importantly, remember that the rest of us are feeling it too

Know if you are feeling it, others are too.

Breathe deep into yourself and listen to your higher voice

Allow yourself some extra self-care when those feelings come over you

It doesn’t have to be someone else’s idea of self-care, it’s whatever helps you feel nurtured and loved, and that may change with each experience

Loving yourself and doing what nourishes your body and spirit are necessary for you to continue to grow and expand

As your Sacred Guide you and I and your Guides can work together to find that balance you need

Love.Create.Be. Robin

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