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This year, 2019, started out much as any year except that as each year marches through my life I am asked to expand myself more and more. In defense of the Universe, I asked for it. Over and over I asked for it. Make me of service. Help me expand. Help me re-member who I am at my soul level and share that with the world.

A big project for the Universe no doubt, but ultimately the work falls on me. The Universe just provides the opportunities. And rest assured my love, the opportunities abound.

For the past several years I have been given a word or a directive for each year. One year it was Spirit Supported and Cosmically Charged. I really liked those. Easy to hashtag. Then it was Just Believe. Again, great hashtag. Then, Love.Create.Be. Still my favorite as it holds space for my creating and art and the ease of just being. I use all of them randomly as it keeps me in the mindset of where I was, what gifts I was given for my growth, where I am now and the possibilities of where I can go.

2019, it took a bit for this one to settle in. Was I resistant? Most likely, I am human you know. It started with something like 'let go of the wheel' and many variations of that. It finally settled in as "Surrender".

Now that word seems harmless enough, but let me tell you something Sisters and Brothers, it's a bitch. When I think that we're already halfway through this year what I actually think is "it's only June?!?!"

This one is tough. Tough. Tough. So many opportunities to 'surrender'. To 'let go of the wheel'. Most of the time I feel as though I'm in one of those whirly things in the water that spin in a circle and won't let you go, yet moves you down the river. Surrender has become a mantra for me from anything to business, to others behavior that triggers me, to my imperfections to people crowding our state to jet lag. It's all about surrendering.

How is it this one word is so challenging to actually do and who in this world knew there were so many ways to surrender in 2019? Not me. Do I have it down yet? Mastered it? Oh heck no. And I most likely won't but I do recognize those moments when the opportunity is there. Sometimes I do it just right and sometimes I human it. I figure it's all going to wash out in the end right?

So if this is the theme for 2019, well 2020 ought to be a doozy. I say, bring it Universe and I'm probably going to regret that snarky statement about this time next year.

There were several images throughout the past 6 months that fit where and how I needed to surrender in a situation. I'd love to hear if any of these resonate with you or if you maybe feel one more than the other. Some were what I wanted it to be and some were more what it felt like in the moment.



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