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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Heart Chakra

Ahhhh, here we are, the Heart Chakra. The center of our chakra system. The bridge between the lower, earthly chakras and the upper, spiritual chakras. This is the chakra that you either allow to lead or you stifle. There is no in-between. The Heart Chakra guides relationships, compassion, self-love, devotion and processes the energy of love for us. It is the center powerhouse of the subtle body.

Name: Heart Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Anahata

Color: Green

Location: At the heart center/center of the sternum

Associated Stones: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Jade, Emerald

"I Love"

Our Heart Chakra is not about who we love, or if we are loved, it's about how we love. How we allow ourselves to be guided by our Divine essence. We have become a head/brain oriented world. We allow our heads to do all the deciding, the leading. We 'think' about things, we sort them out with logic or rationale. We need to remember our brain is like a computer, it can only know or process what it has already experienced, seen, heard or read. There is no 'innate' intelligence. Keeping in mind that our brain also remembers fear, pain, hurt, judgement and responds accordingly.

Whereas our hearts, our heart center, is our portal to our Divine essence, our spiritual knowing. It is our innate intelligence. If we allowed our hearts to lead, to decide for us, think how different our personal experiences would be.

Our heart knows of a higher road, a more divine experience. It has no ego, no fear, no doubt, no self-loathing. It holds compassion, empathy, caring, generosity for self as well as others. It knows the importance of service, patience and acceptance without judgement. The Heart Chakra connects us to everything that is Divine and spiritual. It is the center of your being, your knowing, and if you are so guided it is the center of your doing.

Affirmation: "I completely love, honor and respect myself. I am open to receive love. I am grateful. I am willing to love others. I hold all things in compassion, mercy and love"



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