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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Root Chakra-You Are Here

Here we go with the second installment acknowledging your Chakras. Let's get to know your 1st Chakra, your Root or Base Chakra. I am so excited to be sharing this knowledge with you and my hope is you will read each one and honor that Chakra as you become intimately aware and connected with this powerful energy system that lives within you.

Acknowledging, caring for and powering up our energy centers are vitally important and more so now considering all the energetic and physical changes in our world. If you are centered, in harmony and full of your own energy, well that touches every aspect of your life as well as each person you come in contact with today.

Your Root Chakra is your first Chakra of matter and having a balanced root creates a stable base for each of the other energy centers to open and function to their full potential. It is your foundation, like the foundation of a house. It is that on which all the others depend and rest. In these times many believe that we are ready to be connected only to our upper, or Spiritual, Chakras, disregarding our lower or physical Chakras. No way darlin'! . With the new energies coming in to us, all the upheaval in our world and our own personal shifts and changes it is more important than ever to be grounded to earth and 100% in our physical bodies. This vessel, our body, holds our Spirit and our Soul as well as all our experiences here on earth, it needs to be whole and present.

Let's start with the basics:

Name: Root or Base Chakra

Sanskrit name: Muladhara

Color: Red

Location: Coccyx in men, between ovaries in women. If you are working on the front of the body, the Root Chakra can be accessed at the top of the pubic bone (also between the thighs about halfway down the thigh as the root chakra points downward towards the earth).

Stones associated: Red Jasper, Hematite, Red Tigers Eye, Garnet, Ruby, Smoky Quartz

"I Am". Say this out loud "I Am". "I Am Here". "I Belong". These words, thoughts, beliefs, are the defining role of the Root Chakra. It is the seat of your ability and desire to survive and feel safe. It is your right to be here.

Your Root Chakra becomes activated the moment your umbilical cord is disconnect from your Mother and it floods life force into your physical body from your tailbone through your feet. This is how we ground ourselves, through our Root Chakra, (imagine roots through your lower body and feet going deep into the earth and attaching there).

Your Root Chakra is the place from which you feel safe in the world (or not safe) and from where your basic needs for survival are met, such as home, work, financial needs, food and water as well as emotional needs. Your first Chakra health begins at home so do what you can to make it a safe and nurturing space, good food, regular bedtime, order, exercise for your body type, safe relationships.

Feeling safe in and loving your physical body is a sign of a healthy Root Chakra. Many of us live just outside of our bodies because we've had an experience that has made us not feel safe there or have been conditioned to dislike our bodies. Bodywork, counseling, spiritual guidance, appropriate exercise, dance, any of these can help you again connect with your body, learn to love the space in which your soul and spirit lives and feel your connection to your Root Chakra.

What are some signs that your Root Chakra is out of harmony? First and foremost you may not feel safe. Not safe in the world, not safe in your body, not safe at work or in your relationships or in your home. Is change challenging for you? Are you frequently overcome with fear, worry or dread? Do you have or expect financial issues? Do you have no energy or desire to exercise? Do you feel or imagine your needs are not or will not be met? Are you often anxious or have you been diagnosed with anxiety? Are there chronic colon, low back, leg or feet issues? Eating disorders? All or any of these can be an indication of a Root Chakra out of harmony.

How do you connect with your Chakra and create balance and harmony? Start by imagining roots or a white light running through the Chakra, through your feet deep into the earth, anchoring you there. Try 'earthing', walking barefoot or standing on the ground. Some people feel grounded when they cook, sing, dance or wear the color red, find what makes you feel safe and connected.

For now place your hand low on your belly, take a few relaxing breaths keeping it normal and unrestricted. As you breathe normally repeat "I am safe. I am loved. I trust. I have no fear. My needs are met".

I hope you enjoy this series. If you feel you need help with connecting to your energy systems, I am here. There is also a sound clip on my website under "More", then "Free Stuff" which is a guided journey through your Chakras. Please take a listen and enjoy!



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