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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Into the Abyss

The abyss. The void. That place. Most of us are standing on the edge looking fully into it somewhere in our life. Knowing we should jump, hoping someone will push us, yet still resisting, still in fear.

Maybe it's in your personal life. Maybe it's in your career. Maybe in your relationships. There are numerous places we inhabit that call for us to step out blindly, to trust, to move into that place not without fear, but with bravery and courage and trust.

We as humans like comfort, we like the familiar. Even if it's painfully uncomfortable, we will hang with the familiar. We see the abyss as that place of nothing. That place of losing ourselves completely, never to be recognized as ourselves again or found by those who matter. We see it as a loss of all things familiar, all things comfortable. It's a void of nothingness, the unknown.

In reality, the abyss is The Void. A place of beginning, unmanifest, where all things are possible. Yes nothingness, but nothingness where all that hinders or traps you is gone. It's a place where you don't lose yourself, but you find YOU. Your truth. Your essence. Your soul. The you that you have been seeking, the you that has been calling. It's a place of being instead of doing. It's a place of clarity where your courage will allow you to move away from and move out those things which no longer serve you and your highest good. It's a place of knowing just what is in your highest good. It's the only place to find yourself, beautiful being.

It's time beautiful souls to step fully and bravely into the abyss, into that void. I can't say it won't be challenging at times, but the homecoming of your true self is beyond any challenge you may encounter.

Step. Jump. Leap. Fly. It's time and YOU are waiting.



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