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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Your Part

My honey asks me everyday "Did you hear what Trump said today?" Actually no, I didn't. I don't hear, see, ingest anything he says or does. Now maybe this isn't the perfect plan but for now it's working for me. I know we all need to be aware of what is happening in our world and with our government but what was happening to me, I assure you, wasn't healthy.

I had to take care of myself first. I was becoming ill with all of the rhetoric, the hate, the stupidity of the world goings on as well as from some of us. I was disappointed, fearful and anxious. Because this is what happens, when you buy into an energy, or allow yourself to be drawn in, you actually contribute to that energy. Doesn't matter if it's beautiful and good or dark and destructive, you help build and intensify whatever energy it is. For example, you're in a corporate meeting, brainstorming. You can all think outside of the box and bring in creative and progressive ideas or you can get in a verbal battle with one or more participants and eventually everything goes in the toilet. And it doesn't end there, that feeling stays with you and the interaction between each of you for a very long time.

It's the same thing when we jump feet first into an argument, political or otherwise. There are several world events right now that no doubt disturb your sleep. This simple stewing on these events (even if you don't have verbal interactions) also contributes to the chaotic energy it's building.

This is the time to 'go within'. Om Namah Shivaya. This mantra, in it's simplest form, means "I look within". Honoring that supreme consciousness that you hold within you, that consciousness that 'knows all'. That part of you that is connected to Source, God, Higher Self, the Universe, whatever you call that energy of Spirit that is your guide.

When you allow yourself to disconnect from the chaotic energy that is fueling our world right now you give yourself an opportunity to come back to center, to yourself. To bring balance to the energy that you are putting out into the metafield, into your world and the world on a larger scale. Never doubt that everything you do and think adds to the collective consciousness, because it does. I know there is a plan, a destiny unfolding here. I can support that by holding my own energetic output or I can make it feel like birthing an elephant. You see, the experience is up to me, it's my creation alone.

It's disturbing in our world right now, sometimes terrifying. Besides the challenges our government is facing, there are multiple planetary influences affecting us personally. Be that seed, be that thought, be that center of balance and assurance. Don't try to understand your neighbor or convince them of your position. Just be that center. Let it reside in you with no effort. You don't need to radiate it out into the world in a conscious way, just holding it within you is enough.



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