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You and Only You

Throughout my life I have come to meet many 'healers', 'psychics', 'mediums'. Always and without skipping a beat it was rare for me to let any of these into my energetic field. Why? Instinct. Intuition. Guidance. I just knew they weren't allowed in.

I didn't always know how I knew but I did. I used to think that I was missing out on some opportunities but as time went on I could see how I was guided and protected. I had a 'Source' keeping me from harm's way. Keeping others out of my field that might do harm or use my energy. Today, I am eternally grateful for that but it has taken a process of understanding just what harm can come from one who is not in integrity, of ill intent or simply untrained.

This is where your accountability comes in. You and only you are responsible for who you let in, who you trust with your very essence. Literally who you trust with your soul's experience.

Some of us get so excited when we are exposed to the 'alternative' methods of healing that we do it all. We are un-discerning when it comes to choosing what we experience. We think it's all good. We simply trust that Disney is somewhere in the background making it all happen in an unknown but completely orchestrated and protected world. This is false, careless and dangerous. Not everyone has your highest and best interests at heart. This is where YOU come in. If you don't look after yourself, who do you think is going to do it? There is no Disney behind the scenes. There are people out there (even people who you think you know well) that will source off of your energy. They will attempt to steal your light, your essence, your soul. There are spirits and beings that when you are unaware will attach to you. Come into you. Source off of your energy.

I could say "Be afraid, be very afraid", but that isn't where we go is it? No. We go into love. Love for you. For yourself. Protecting and honoring that which is sacred in you. Being aware, being in touch, being discerning above all else. Knowing when your guides speak to you, guide you, lead you to or lead you away. Learning to hear that still, small voice and practicing not over-riding that guidance. Knowing that that guidance, that voice is the only one that has your highest and best interests at heart. It is your soul speaking to you, your guides, your angels.

Once you learn to not override your Higher Self with your Human-self, it becomes easy. You will just know. There will be no doubt, no hesitation and you will feel empowered to speak up for yourself and to define your boundaries as to who you let in and who you don't. It will even become easy with those close to you which is often our most difficult area to stand our ground. I want you to love yourself more than anything else. Protect yourself with love and awareness not fear. Be discerning with YOU more than anything else in your life.

What I want you to take from this is BE AWARE. Learn yourself and how your human-self and your soul-self interact and cooperate or don't. Learn this. So don't live in fear, don't make your decisions from fear, make them from a position of discernment, a knowing and a knowing of yourself. When in doubt "Be aware, Be very aware".



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