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Empowered You

I was listening to a talk by Leslie Zehr, she is a teacher of Sacred Dance and Esoteric Wisdom. She has spent most of her adult life living and working in Egypt.

In this particular talk she was describing the difference between Power and Empowerment. Our society is primarily a Patriarchal society and has been for many, many decades, if not milleniums. We have seen the Matriarch rising over time, voting, claiming her right, opposing societial restrictions. Often with force and aggression as they were met with the same. At these points in time there seemed to be a need to meet fire with fire, force with force, as that was the only map we had to follow. We, as the Divine Feminine had forgotten our innate power over the centuries. We all can look to and honor Rosa Parks for her silent but 'empowered' stance at claiming her right as a human, not man, not woman, not race, but human.

Here is the difference, Power; force, aggression, unyielding. These are all attributes of male energy, the Divine Masculine and they have been necessary for many spans of time in our evolution. Empowered; strong, silent, carrying empowerment within (as in the womb) rather than pushing or forcing 'power' without. This is female energy, the Divine Feminine.

Guess what, we need both! It's the balance of energies. We need chaos and peace. Light and shadow. Cool and warm. Day and night. As humans, our egos need contrast, it's how we find balance. Without both sides of these energies, we are out of balance, just as our societies have been for many years. When one of these energies is more dominant we as humans feel the imbalance.

Yes there is an emerging of the Divine Feminine, but not to 'take over the world'. More to bring balance. It's coming, no, it's here. Maybe we don't see or feel it yet in it's fullness but it is here. It may, at times, be challenging, even scary to stand in that Empowerment as the opposing force was often violent, sometimes even deadly, as history will show. The receptivity has shifted though, the transition is getting easier, more accepted. Standing in your 'Empowerment' is rather expected now.

Drawing on that innate Feminine Energy, the womb space, and allowing that to speak for you. Knowing yourself and the power of the collective womb. Each time you stand in your power, your empowerment, you affect the whole. It sends out a vibration, a frequency that shifts the energy in the world just a bit.

Men as well as women hold this empowerment within themselves. Each of us, men and women, hold within us Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. We each hold the ability to use force or to meet force with empowerment. It's the Yin/Yang of the balance of energies. It's learning how to balance these energies within ourselves that can be challenging.

Learning to tap into our ability to be 'Empowered' is vital to the evolution of the human race and the collective consciousness. Sometimes you have to use force, I get it. Often you need to meet something or someone on their level to get their attention. Then, step into that Empowered You. Let the collective frequency of the world know you have come to shift your part and you will not step down until you do.



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