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Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom. They are hard to come by sometimes aren't they. Trying to come up with something heart-felt and still authentic, that you may be interested in reading, can be a challenge even on an inspired day.

So what I want to say to you is "You are okay". "We are all okay". "You are right where you are supposed to be at this moment".

Each event in our lives, no matter how insignificant, is a learning moment. A moment of growth. And yes, a moment of inspiration. As humans we need contrast and that's what life gives us. Good and bad. Dark and light. Growth and stagnant. It's all in the plan to move us along to a higher consciousness. Not always a smooth ride but purposeful.

Despite the current events, which can be frustrating, even fearful, WE ARE ALL OKAY. I want you to remember that.

Whatever your personal situation is now or our world situation, WE ARE ALL OKAY.

Now go on about your day and live.



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