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Your Role in Today's World

We, as a nation, have had socially charged times in the past. Our society, our nature as humans, is to question, oppose, and look out for ourselves. These are all important and call us to not follow like sheep and to speak out when we encounter an injustice in our society and against people.

While that in itself is necessary, it can become all ego where we are no longer working ‘together’ or for the whole, but throwing tantrums to have things our way, even when we have no idea what we actually want or are fighting for at its root. We just fight. When we take advantage of a lack of order so that we can act out our own personal shadows and wounds, rather than standing up for a right cause.

Today, right now we are being called to our spiritual practices more that ever.

As a society that has gone through many evolution's, with each one we have moved further and further away from our own power. From our divinity. From our ability to shift and alchemize that which is out of alignment in our lives and the world. Further and further from our innate wisdom and magic. Further away from our own ability to discern.

The time is now for us to create and/or strengthen our spiritual practices through ceremony and ritual.

We are being pushed now more than ever to give this our full focus and attention.

“Shamanism provides every tool and all the guidance we need to find our flow, what we are called to do and change, and the importance of keeping up our ceremonies.” Sandra Ingerman

Some of the practices we are being called to, introduced to, are simple and some are more complex and ask us to learn new ways and tools and apply more focus and time.

If you are being called at this time to retreat into more silence, then do that if you know with certainty that you are not hiding because of fear. If you are being called to march and protest, then do that as long as long as you are sovereign in your actions and have a purpose that does not bring harm to another human, property, or your spiritual alignment.

There are today and have always been, forms of spirituality that are not in alignment with Source or Spirit. It is up to you to be discerning, to pay attention, to make a choice for yourself while allowing the space to learn the lessons necessary for your soul to evolve.

We are being called to respect nature, its cycles, and our impact on all of this on a whole new level. You are being called to start paying attention. To connect to nature. To listen to the wind. To hear the memories carried by the water. To do your spiritual work to assist the earth in her healing, as well as for mankind.

This is no small role we have stepped into. And rest assured, you agreed to be here during this time and step into this role.

In my observation, many don’t know what to do. They don’t know their role in today’s energy. They seem to be wandering around with no purpose, or following others when the actions don’t align with them, or spending their energy in self-loathing because they don’t feel they can make a difference and have no idea where to start.

You start with yourself, of course. You start listening to the voice of your soul. You start listening to your urgings, your intuition, your Helping Spirits. You start listening to the world and notice where your innate wisdom and gifts fit, and you go there, and you do.

It’s not that hard. You first must get out of your head and your ego and move into your heart. This is where your divine wisdom lives. This is where you soul speaks from. This is where you will hear that voice that says, ‘just do this’.



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