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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Finding Your Groove

I was speaking with a friend who mentioned she was preparing for a speaking engagement and she was struggling with how to get to her true audience, primarily women. She made the comment that she had the belief that people wanted all sorts of facts and she just now realized that wasn't it at all.

As we talked I too realized that we, as women, often approach life in a male way. Particularly if we are in a corporate business setting or as, in her case, a presenter. We are taught, and expected to, and believe, we should present ourselves in what is a 'normal' way, or like a man might do it. No fault of the men, it's just the way our societies evolved.

If we can come from a place of authenticity, annnd let's stay there for a minute. Just what does that mean? It's one of the buzzwords of today, authentic, authenticity. What the hell? I'm being authentic every minute I can aren't you? What more is there and yet I still often have difficulty reaching my ideal client or knowing my own personal authentic self.

Here is what came through, if we can come from that 'woman place' in us. That place of divine-ness. The feminine. The feminist. The Mother. The Maiden. The Crone. The empowered. The creator. The soft. The not-so-soft. All of those things that make us women, that make us special and different than men, come from there. Let's accept men as they are and how they present themselves to us and the world and delight in what they bring. Then let's accept ourselves, as women, as we are. We are not men. We are vast and beautiful and divine and yes, powerful. A force to be reckoned with. And what a beautiful statement that we can know that and yet come to the world, to the table, with softness, with beauty, with creativity.

There is no need to wield your femininity, or your woman-ness, like a sword. Your very presence in a room, at a table, in the world has a dynamic impact on everything and everyone around you. Never doubt that.



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