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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

2020 How Will You Do It

Well here we are in a new year, and not only that but a new decade. We, as humans, love to be able to mark time in any way that we can. A new year, and anniversary, a new decade. It’s who we are and what we do.

So, if this is our way how can we make it work for us rather than just being something to note?

We set goals. Attainable goals that matter to us and our lives not just trendy or obligatory goals.

As you look at your life and maybe even your business, if you are a business owner/entrepreneur, can you take some time to reflect on where you have been and where you want to go? As we have just come out of a decade why not put it in that perspective for yourself and see what comes through. Let’s start with year 1, 2020.

1. Doable, structured and aligned. What does this mean? Set yourself a goal that is actually doable. That means consider all your resources; time, money, energy, desire. If one or more of these is missing or lacking, you will have a much harder time achieving your goal.

Then, set up the structures that will support your success in achieving your goal. What does it need?How do you need to make adjustments to ensure your success? Do you need help or support? Will you have the energy to see it through?

Once you see the work that may be necessary, is it something you actually desire or something you only thought you wanted?

Lastly, is it aligned with your highest good or the highest good of your business? This is probably the first thing you want to consider before you go into all the rest. If whatever it is, is not aligned with you, your belief systems, your life choices, your heart, just let it go. It will not serve you.

2. Foundations and Infrastructures. Foundations; for yourself, look at your beginning. Where do you come from? Does that support or malign you? Do you need to do some inner work and make changes before you proceed? Is there something you need to learn or expand on? Maybe heal some wounds, because we all have them, it’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

For your business, what was your original vision?Is that still true? Does it still support where you are and where you want to go? If not, start there.

Infrastructures; what systems or processes are already in place to support you and your goal? For you, do you have a support system? A sacred practice? Time in nature or a routine of physical outlet? Is there already time for prayer, mediation, silence? Do you consider your food choices or just grab whatever? Is your sleep routine set and is it enough? Where do you need to add or dismiss any habits or patterns?

For your business, how much attention do you actually give to it?Or do you simply show up, do the required work and walk away? Are you meeting with the Soul of your Business and working in partnership to support each other and move in the direction of aligned expansion? Do you have systems already in place that support growth even when you are not available to be actively engaged? Are these solid and supportive of your original vision and a vision for expansion? And do you allow yourself down time, time away from your business so you can rest and restore and give space for creative ideas to ignite?

3. Addressing Fear. Ahhh, fear. That elusive shapeshifter. Fear shows itself in many forms. Doubt. Ego. Fear itself. Judgement. Jealousy. Illness. Hatred. Complacency. Low Self-Esteem. Self-Deprecation. Disconnection. Anxiety. Reclusiveness. Lack of faith. Inability to speak, create or believe in anything.

Fear and Ego are inextricably joined. Their job is to keep you safe, let you know without a doubt that something has changed, and it feels different.What that also means is they can keep you stuck, stagnant, locked in fear and unable to even imagine your wild vision let alone believe you can create it.

When you are trying to grow and expand, or when you are being asked to grow and expand it can feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in your physical body, uncomfortable in your mind. You may become unable to focus, your mind darting from one thing to another increasing your anxiety. You may be extra sleepy or unable to sleep.Your cravings for unhealthy or ‘comfort’ food may increase. You may be irritable with those around you or even with yourself, unable to feel compassion or forgiveness.

These are all signs for you. Signs for you to pay attention. Sit quietly, meditate, journal, take a long walk, take a rest away from your ordinary day. Find some way to get in touch with that fear within and see what it is trying to tell you.Is something really off or are you being summoned into something big, beautiful and wildly expansive.

We, who are here now on this Earth, are here because we agreed to come during this time to create a better world. That means every one of us has a responsibility to look at ourselves and heal our wounds so we can be the radiant beings we are at our soul level.

2020 is the year of The Emperor. It’s a #4 year and in the Tarot that is the Emperor. A hugely masculine energy. It’s not the masculine energy of patriarchy, not at all.It’s the Divine Masculine, stable and balanced. One who knows, one who understands his abilities, his strengths, his authority. There is power, passion and energy for life itself. He has created a solid foundation which keeps him on the path of his vision. It is a card of stability and security. It represents a powerful leader who commands respect, authority and recognition.

This is your year beloved. Step into your power, don’t let anyone judge, shame or move you from your path and no matter what, lift your chin and keep going.



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