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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Sacred Man: Our Men and Their Unique Experiences

I have been thinking about this alot lately, how our men are experiencing the current world. What does the Women's Movement feel like to them? How do they see the rising of the feminine?

Actually, I see these two things as completely different animals. The Women's movement feels more forward, assertive, possibly even aggressive. The rising of the feminine, that just feels more feminine, softer, gentler, just more feminine if you understand, more natural.

Where do our men fit in all of this? We, as the feminine, need to understand that, not. every. man. is. patriarchal. (and not every woman is NOT patriarchal). This is so important. I personally don't want to be put into every category that women are defined by, and just experiencing the men in my world, neither do they all fit in one hole.

As men and women, as human beings, we normally respond (or rather react) out of our fears. Do you resist when a man opens the door for you? Or, when he steps aside and let's you pass do you march in like a Queen of Entitlement? Or, do you accept the kindness and just say thank you to this human being that is showing you respect and grace? This human being who is also probably doing everything he can to stay centered in this very un-centering world?

I've seen women insult men who open doors for them. WTF is that? Of course you can open the door yourself, but do you ever open the door for someone or do you just push your way up front like an arrogant bitch all the time?

I know, I'm probably going to get some backlash from that thought but if the glass slipper fits..............

I have heard women say "if only MEN would wake up spiritually". Listen closely sisters, they are waking up. The question here is what is your response? Are you delighting in his new sensitivity or are you shaming him? Does it make you feel lucky to be part of his journey or does it make you feel unsafe? Do you hold space for him as he navigates these unfamiliar waters or do you pull away and leave him to drown in his experience?

As women, and those who identify as women, we can't expect the world to take a back seat as we rise to power. There is no 'rising to power'. It's not one over the other. We need to remember that men experience the world differently than we do and we experience it differently than they do. What makes us think they won't experience a spiritual awakening differently? Of course they will! Imagine a man who has never felt vulnerable suddenly and unexpectedly has a heart opening. Or starts to cry at the drop of a hat and he hasn't done that since the age of 5 when he was shamed and told to 'man up' and not be a 'sissy' or 'pussy'.

It's your job sister, to make YOU feel safe in the world. And it's also up to you to be sensitive to humans who are navigating tricky waters. Hold space for your man, just as you would a Sister. Let him do it his own way (because you insisted on that for yourself) but let him know he's not alone. None of us are alone.

You are two cosmic souls here to awaken. And, we are here to support and hold sacred space for each other. Not because they did or did not do that for you at one time, but because it is your soul's purpose to be sacred in each other's presence and in each other's experiences. You can't do it for him, but you can 'be there' while he finds his way. Practice what you've been preaching. Walk your talk. Show him, yourself and the world just what a beautiful, divine feminine being you are now.



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