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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Seeing the Tarot In Our Shit

Think about a state of being that you feel plagues you. Something that you have worked on, cleared and cleared again yet still it's with you, you can't seem to shake it from your life.

Fear, judgement, insecurity, lack, not good enough, energies of low vibration. Suppose we thought of these states as a Tarot card 'reversed'. In Tarot, if a reversed card is showing (upside down card) it's an internally expressed energy, a warning of a thought, belief or behavior that may be in your life and is hindering you, something to look out for or be aware of.

However, (and here is the pearl) with that as an awareness, where there is one state of energy the opposite, or reverse is also possible. There is an opposite state of energy within you that is available for you to tap into and bring forward as your truth.

Let's use one of these low vibrational energies, and be very clear here it is our perception that sees these states of being as low vibrational when in actuality they are messages for us to acknowledge and learn from, not adopt as our truth. So let's take judgement. Judgement of self, of others, of our place and state in life, of how things should be or not be. What if, when we are in that state of judgement we instead called in 'knowing' and 'discernment'. What if we simply stood in those states of being rather than in judgement.

How about lack? We have all seen people who live in a constant state of 'There is never enough', 'I'll never have enough', 'Why me'. Suppose in that moment you stated clearly and deliberately "I Am Enough", "There is always enough", "I am supported", "I am nourished" "I am abundance", "I am prosperous", any one of those will shift your state of being! Notice how that feels instead.

Do you see what I am getting at here? Whatever energy you are holding within yourself (and yes YOU are holding it and YOU believe it), there is an equal and opposite energy within you and available to be brought forth. The trick is to identify it, face up to it, call it out and find the opposite energy or state of being that supports you in a higher vibrational way. And I know you can do that because you are a-ma-zing!

Try this today, try it everyday, try it every moment! Tap into those nagging feelings you have, identify them and let them know they have met their match and they don't serve who you are now and you are badass and powerful so they may just as well hit the road!

I would love to hear how this works for you and how, over time, you are able to literally reverse your state of being and your inner voice and find the real you, your unique truth.

Love to you all,



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