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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

My Top 10

Have you ever wondered about my choice of top 10 crystals to have in your stash? Of course you have 🤭, so here they are!

1. Number 1 for a reason; Clear Quartz. This glittery, transparent beauty is the Empress of the crystal kingdom. As a generator, a charger, a programmer, she has been called ordinary yet extraordinary and I have to agree. She is the ultimate gift of Mama Gaia and each tiny, glittery, transparent shard holds the properties of a master healer and teacher. You can program this beauty with any energy you wish and it will send that energy in waves throughout the universe. It also has the ability to program other crystals and generate an enormous wave of divine crystal light anywhere you intend. This Clydesdale of a crystal works beautifully as a wand, directing energy to clear and reinstate the desired frequency.

2. Smoky Quartz; Why you ask? She is the diviner of positive vibes and the transmuter (google tells me that's not a real word but you know what I mean) of negative energy. This powerful and sensually beautiful crystal may need to be cleared occasionally so pay attention to the messages you are receiving when working with this one. This smoky beauty is the divine goddess of protection and clearing. Translucent from pale and clear to a bit dirty looking sometimes, she is a stone of the root chakra and draws white light energy from the crown chakra down through the body and is known as a stone of power. She is a stone of great protection and will ensure safety for you and your possessions.

3. Rose Quartz; The 'heart' of the crystal world. You want this loving guide in your stash as it not only opens and supports the heart center to giving and receiving love but it also has a deep connection to fostering self-love. It is beautiful and gentle and pink and circulates a divine loving energy throughout the aura. It brings to focus a loving energy for all things and guides us to see the beauty in the world as well as ourselves. It is calming, nurturing and soothing and brings a high spiritual attunement to the divine. You can feel the loving energy emitted by this stone just by holding it in your hand.

4. Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline; The gladiators of the protection department, these two (either one), with their dense black, in-your-face, magical presence will keep the boogy man away. They are masters of dispelling negative energies or psychic attack. Black Tourmaline is said to help protect against environmental pollutants and has the look of a chunk of coal. It is known as a Shamans stone and can also help with clarity of thought. Both are excellent grounding stones. Black Obsidian is a strong stone used for psychic protection and can aid in past life healing along your ancestral lines. It is a dark void of shiny magick and is known as The Stone of Prophecy. Black Obsidian is known to protect against a misuse of power, yours or others. Either one of these powerful stones inside your front door, in or around the corners of your house or property are like the impenetrable gates of the cosmos, offering protection and warding off any psychic intruders.

5. Blue Kyanite; This beauty is one of the stones that has been connected to me from the beginning . Ahhh, beautiful, mystical Kyanite with your shards of fibers all bound together in one glittery stone. When polished she is a soft blue and when in her raw and natural state she looks like shards of shiny silvery and blue glass bound together. Kyanite is a high vibrational stone. She is a stone of the throat chakra and her tranquil blue color brings a calming energy to the entire body and will align all the chakras and subtle energies in the human body opening channels of communication and flow within the body. This beauty will not hold negative energy so she never needs cleared. It is a stone of clear communication, psychic development and can aid in a meditation practice as it opens channels to the divine, and your higher self.

6. Selenite; Named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene. Selenite is normally white in color and in it's natural form, tubular in shape with long striations running along it's length. It's very 'shardy' (another of my words), like fiberglass so don't rub it against your body. Selenite to me is a channel to higher realms, higher communication. It can clear, charge and reprogram any of your other crystals by laying them on top of a piece of Selenite. This stone invites angelic connection and an open, clear channel to communicating with the angelic realm as well as your higher self. It removes blocks and resistance so it's powerful in a healing session. In my space I use it in a grid form, placing another stone in the center with the 'spokes' of Selenite circling around, amplifying the properties of that center stone as well as creating their own grid of protection and open communication with the higher realms. This is a high vibrational stone of the Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star Chakra and will clear negative energy from the physical and etheric body and help to move you into and through personal transformation.

7. Carnelian; I love this beautiful, warm, vibrant orange stone. A stone of the Sacral Chakra it taps immediately into your innate creativity and brings it forth. Carnelian is a stone of expression and boosts the power of your true expression, in whatever way you choose to exhibit that. As a stone of the Sacral Chakra it is also a stone of sensuality, joy and openness and will help to balance all of these forms of expression and creativity. It is a stone of courage, clarity and motivation supporting you as you move forward in life with confidence and clarity of thought. It is a stone used often by performers and speakers because of it's ability to ground you securely yet allow that freedom of expression. Want to open up your creative channel? Heal a deep sexual wound? Carnelian is the stone for you.

8. Amethyst; She is not #8 because she is less important. It's just how do you really line them up in order of importance? This divine beauty should be in everyone's stash no matter what. And the up side to that is that it's relatively easy to get your hands on. Amethyst is a stone of the Crown Chakra and specifically opens the crown to communication to higher realms, the giving and receiving of information. It is a stone of protection and grounding and guides you to tapping into your innate intuition. This purple yumminess is probably the most sought after and popular stone of our current time. It has been said it is the stone of the Age of Aquarius. As a Crown Chakra opener, an opener of your innate intuition and a stone of protection it pretty much does it all. Amethyst is a stone which helps you tap into your intelligence in making decisions rather than your emotion, bringing more clarity.

9. Citrine; Beautiful, clear, misunderstood Citrine. Sometimes she doesn't look like much and she has a tendency to break off in tiny, misshapen pieces but what a Goddess of a crystal she is. This is your stone of personal power and manifestation, need I say more? She is THE stone of your Solar Plexus, your personal power and self-identity center. She holds a beautiful, transparent gold, yellow or brownish light and does nothing but bring light to wherever she lives. Citrine will assist you in establishing goals and seeing them through. As a stone of manifestation, your energy output center, your self-identity and purpose, you should probably have one of these beauties on you at all times. This one never needs clearing and like Smoky Quartz, Citrine transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative vibes. Being the stone that supports the center of self (Solar Plexus), that's pretty awesome.

10. Labradorite; This is my Priestess, my guardian, my personal amulet. Labradorite is a stone of personal transformation. It grounds spiritual energies, enhances intuition and creates a field of protection around your aura. The story of Labradorite is that it fell from the lights of the Aurora Borealis to the earth and if you have ever held one of these shimmery, holographic looking beauties, you would agree. Her gray undertone is a perfect canvas for the rainbow of colors that dance for you in an other-worldly way when you move it in the light. As this stone has been my companion for years I can tell you of my personal experience. She is dark, magick, of old and knowing of ways we have not yet remembered. She is fierce and will drag you into your own light when you don't know your way. She will bring natural intuitive abilities like telepathy and clairvoyance to light and she will walk beside you all the way.

Well ,there is my list of 10, I actually have a list of about 50 but these are a perfect place for anyone to start and they are easy to acquire these days. Always allow yourself to be led when you choose your crystals and be very aware of how you are being led. Some crystals will need to be cleared and reprogrammed before you can work with them. Think of all the people that handle a single crystal before it ever comes to live with you. Clear that crap! You don't want it in your work or your life.

Love to you all and Crystal goodness!



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