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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Nothing is Separate

I"m getting ready for work on a Monday morning having just come from a long weekend of creativity and expansion, doing art with a fabulous group of women. As i'm doing my hair the thought goes through my mind, 'ugh I need to get started on my taxes' (my accountant likes to keep me on the ball and ahead of the game, which I appreciate). But, I go from this amazing weekend of challenge, creation and joy to taxes, blahhhh. I then heard "Robin, what if everything you did you saw as art". Whaaaaaatt

"What If", something our teacher this weekend kept saying to us, "What If". Bringing this forward, what if we approached everything in the same way instead of separating them into fun, not fun, obligation or drudgery.

What if I dove into my taxes as though I was creating art. What if we saw everything as the same. Because, beautiful souls, nothing is separate from anything else, nothing is separate from us. We are the ones that do that, we see separation. We, and all things are connected. Our response, our reaction, our perception, our belief in separateness is what creates our experiences, our reality and our feeling of separation.

What if we saw our lives as art to be created. What if we saw our relationships as

art to be created. What if we saw our work, our play, our waking up and going to sleep, our chores, tasks, travel and our way of being as something to be created in joy.

What is your favorite thing to do? What is it that burns with desire in your heart? What if you approached everything in your life with that. With the same expectation, the same joy, the same burning desire? Do you think this would make a difference in your experience here?

What is your art? Find that thing that you love and try bringing that into everything you do for a day. See if you can get in the habit of seeing everything as the same, everything as one energy, everything as something to be created. See if you can shift your perspective and in the process just maybe shift your life experience.



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