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Cutting Through the Crap

Do you know what is one of the best things about being an adult and living a long life? You get to question and redefine everything you know, think you know, have been told, programmed or believe just because. That, my friends, is empowerment (or adulting).

For example, and keeping it simple; Children are to be seen and not heard. Did you hear that one as a child? I did, often. What is the most amazing thing about children? It's the noise, the giggles and squeals. The unbridled laughter and belly laughs, the uncensored honesty. Yes, children are to be heard and loudly if you please! I'm calling bullshit on that one, and ✔

Next; Respect authority and/or authority figures. That one is a rabbit hole for sure but again, keeping it simple. Respect is earned and authority or authority figures are not always on the up-and-up. I do believe that one needs to be given the benefit of the doubt, innocent until they show otherwise. But let's be real here, we can no longer follow like lemmings to the sea and you need to trust your instinct. Keeping in mind that you don't make an ass of yourself. You should, after all, respect yourself. So, bullshit on that one too, and ✔

At some point in your life it's up to you to take control of what you hold within you and what you move out or allow to shift (the adulting part). This is about questioning and challenging everything you know and think you believe (empowerment). We are all programmed in one way or another. Much of this happens when we are children and our minds are like clay to be molded. Add to that the metafields of authority, politics, society, marketing of products, etc. and you have a warped system of mind control.

Throughout our lives we have new experiences, new information comes in and all of this needs to be vetted, compared, weeded through and allowed to redefine us based on these experiences and information. This is where you become the alchemist. Taking all of that information and experience and seeing what fits in your present state of being, creating principles and boundaries for yourself yet always allowing for a new shift in your perspective. Don't follow just because you've been trained in that way. Don't hold onto something just because it's new or trendy.

You and only you should be defining how you look at and interact with the world. You are to be heard, not only seen. You are called to challenge authority and hold it to it's ideals and even review those, opting for change where necessary.

Even the ideal of faith needs to be looked at within yourself. With most things there is a call for action on your part rather than an unabiding stance that you have no responsibility or that it is out of your hands and will magically unfold for you.

This holds true more than ever in your life and your personal experience here in this form. It's up to you to create your experience. It's up to you to become beyond what you believe you can. It's up to you to reexamine everything you hold within you as truth.

This is your turn around the sun. Make it whole, make it rich, make it memorable.



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