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Alchemy is defined as 'the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter'. Also as a 'seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination'.

When I was given the directive to change the name of my business I knew it was the beginning of a new direction. The old name simply didn't fit with what was to unfold for the spirit of this business, this calling that I had been given in this physical world. And like The Fool card in the tarot, I stepped out there in blind faith and did it.

As I was led along this task of 'rebranding', it was difficult for me to let Spirit be my guide. Although I knew it was time and even after the name came in, I questioned it and in fact questioned it until just recently when pieces that were absent came in, the pieces that actually completed the alchemical transformation. Completed thus far I say, for as we know this ride here is one of an ever unfolding experience, the separating and re-ordering of energy (us). Meaning, we just think we're done. This, in humorous retrospect is the basic concept of alchemy and the way we often experience it. Pieces that come to us out of order and not making much sense at the time other than we know they are important. It's a good thing that we as humans can find humor in something that the spirit world sees as as Divine order.

Alchemy is basically a transmutation of anything through a process of separation, purification and recombination. (From 'The Alchemy of Dance', Leslie Zehr). This process of alchemy is possible on any realm and in any dimension. We can take stone, lead, energy, the physical body, a belief system, a thought or collection of thoughts, programming, behaviors as well as past life experiences. By separating them within themselves and re-organizing the molecules into a purer, more stable form, you have alchemy, a new way of being. This process can take years or it can happen in a moment as in a download, this depends on you, your journey and your ability to see, acknowledge and love yourself.

As a facilitator of change for you, it isn't me that creates this process. I don't turn your lead into gold, I hold space for you. Space that allows you to honor those parts of you that are hurting or broken or asking for release. I hold space, without judgement, for you to be and feel safe and guided. For you to move through your own transition, in your own time, in your own way. This is what I do, the rest is up to you.

You are the alchemist. Welcome to your journey, beautiful soul.




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