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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Let's Chat Cosmic, Retrograde and YOU

Mercury Retrograde. (pause-pause). What thoughts (beliefs) does that bring up for you because that's what I want us to chat about. Just what have you heard or read about M.R. that you now hold as truth within you.

There are many people that go through their lives and never think or hear about this backwards movement of Mercury. And there are people who blame everything on Mercury, the coming of M.R. or the moving out of M.R. As human beings it doesn't take much information for it to become indisputable fact for us. Yes, we are that easy. We like blame and let's face it, Mercury gives us plenty of ammunition. Now that we're in it and we will be here until May 3rd (and a bit beyond as it moves out), it's a good time to get a more cosmic view and hopefully a more positive and cooperative belief about this partner in our evolution.

As we begin to explore let me say that if you don't believe the movement of planets have an effect on you and everything around you, well, you've got some awakening to do. We, as humans, aren't just walking around on this planet free of any cosmic influence. All things are energy and they all play together, all the time. We contribute to and are an integral part of that energetic dance.

First, Mercury doesn't actually move backwards. So whatever belief you may have tied to that mis-fact you can now let go. Think of two cars driving side-by-side. If one slows down it appears to be going backwards.That's the simple visual. Because Mercury's orbit is shorter than the Earth's, several times a year it appears to speed past us, that's the time that we call Mercury Retrograde.

The planet Mercury was named after the Roman deity Mercury, who was the messenger to the gods. Mercury oversees all communication, all of it, listening, learning, speaking, negotiating, researching, writing, selling, etc.Anything to do with communication. Documents, all types of documents, codes, coding, travel, etc. So what happens when these types of functions don't have their parent planet guarding and directing them? They go wonky. Some go mildly wonky and some go way beyond that. The retrograde part means basically that the planet is in a 'resting' state. That's why all it's intricacies are affected, he babysitter is out.

How each retrograde period will affect you has to do with your personal astrological chart (the planets ruling your sign, etc) and where you are in your life's evolution. Yep, what you're doing right now can and will determine how affected you are by any retrograde period. And keep in mind this also extends to us as a collective consciousness. As humans we are on a common evolutionary path, that also will show itself during a retrograde period.

Ok, now what can you do and how can you make this work for you rather than fall victim to it? My original belief (because this is what I heard, read, was told) was that everything went to shit and I had no control over it. (insert frowny face here). Then I read about it and as the cosmic overseers would have it, it can actually be a really good thing. Keep in mind that pretty much everything is fluid and changeable during this time. It is wise to hold off on contracts and new endeavors. People will change their minds multiple times, mail or electronic communications may be affected so be very diligent if you are sending sensitive documents.

Mercury Retrograde will give you opportunity to polish your patience and creativity. Expect anything and everything to be in a state of flux and change but also expect that you are an intelligent and creative being and you are prepared for all of it! Let this planetary flux work for you. Because you are compelled to kind of sit and wait it out, it's an opportune time to review, you, your goings on, where you are and where you want to go. It's like a cosmic pass to just stop and take stock. Where are you in your life? Take time to re-evaluate and re-think any area of your life where you may be asked to focus (you will know this by your personal level of chaos).

This period can be frustrating because it makes us slow down and be present. We don't always like to look at ourselves that closely. It makes us stop, rewrite, choose our words and then re-choose our words. It can call us to go inward and do our internal house-keeping (yuk). It also brings out our creativity. It helps develop our tolerance and focus and presence. It can, if we allow it, bring us in sync with the energies that swirl around us everyday.

How do you benefit from a Mercury Retrograde period? First, know the truth and the scientific facts. Accept that this planet and it's movement really does have an affect on you and your daily goings on. Mercury is a planet of extremes so expect that. Take a few minutes each day to go within, even if it's sitting in your car or in the shower and breathing deep and settling in. This simple effort will make a world of difference in your day and in you personally over time. If you are a fan of crystals, use a grounding stone or one that makes you feel grounded and creative. Hematite and Red Jasper are often used to support the Root Chakra which is our grounding energy. Citrine is a stone of personal power, and any pale blue stone (blue lace agate) is a stone of communication. There are stones that can mitigate EMF's and provide support for you there, lepidolite, smoky quartz, black tourmaline.

Feel yourself rooted in the earth, breathing in that grounding earth energy. At the same time feel yourself connected to Source, God, Heaven, understanding you are the connection, the bridge between the two.

Stay aware, stay focused, even if you need to re-do this everyday. Use this time to propel yourself forward as that's most likely the only thing that will move for you. Ride this cosmic wave like you have charge of the reins.



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