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How To Navigate

It's Christmas time and for me that often brings up thoughts of well, disruption. I know, I know, it's the holidays, it's Christmas, presents, joy, cheer....insert eye roll here.

For me it's about the need to rearrange the physical things in my life. Furniture, chachkies, things that have a permanent place in my home and office that now need to be shifted to make room for a holiday display which will last all of two weeks then I get to undo the whole process. BLAH!

I used to love this. I waited all year long to be able to revisit my Christmas decorations which I collected everywhere I traveled.I have boxes and boxes of decorations and ornaments and although I barely put anything out in the past few years, I can't seem to part with them either. Now it all feels like a giant pain in my ass. Like I have time for this right? I have my work, my home, my partner (who requires his own time allotment), our animals to which we added 5 chickens this summer, and I am partnering in a book and we are about to start on our 2nd edition.

As I was cleaning up from our open house we hosted at our office these thoughts surfaced in my mind once again. Now I have to make time to shift everything just so I can shift it back in two weeks. Then I heard (cause that's usually how my peeps chime in) "actually you're shifting the energy and moving out the stale". Well, I don't think I need to tell you i'm all over that. I do that in my home and my office, just move things around a bit to shift the energy. As an intuitive (if i'm paying attention), I can tell when energy is stuck or stale. Why in the world would I not think of this myself? I could have come here and been all worldly and enlightened and told you about shifting the energy as though I thought of it all by myself but I'm a work in progress just like you and I want you to know that. I don't have all the answers, I know where to get them but I don't have them all on my own. I'm being molded, formed, moved around and shifted to move stagnant energy within me just like Christmas. Shifting my thoughts often takes me getting bent out of shape because I feel put-upon. My ego has a very nice haughty side to it and honestly I like that side. She's totally full of herself but at the same time is a quick study and constantly brings me 'learning opportunities'.

So when I go home tonight I'm going to break out every box of Christmas decorations I have and move shit around in my house and wish the whole world Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.



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