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The Life of a Tree

"I Am Grandfather" spoke the tree, as I was urged to reach out and touch the tip of a needle-less branch with my finger. Immediately came "I Am Mother" from the neighboring tree.

I have lived on this property for 5 years. I have always had a love of trees and nature and here, I am beyond blessed. I often sing to my trees, rattle to them, touch them, try to feel their energy. But this moment was unexpected to say the least.

As I drew nearer to the tree and put my arms around it, I was able to rest my head in a depression left from a branch that was long ago taken away. My first receiving from the tree was an 'understanding'. Of what I'm not sure, just a very deep understanding. Right after that was an all encompassing compassion, deeper than any compassion I have ever known. An understanding and compassion that only elemental beings could hold. Then it was as though I was floating on water and I was given an understanding of life, the life cycle of a tree. It never ends. A seed grows, it has a physical life span then it moves into another dimension, a transition, then it begins again. There is no death, there is no end, it is a continuous cycle, each cycle contributing to the elemental world in it's own way. While I was trying to process this and allow more information to come in, there was light. Just a space of big, beautiful light that comes from within the tree. It is it's essence. It's state of being, t his light.

I am grateful to be in this place that feels so connected to nature, a place that urges you to be out in it, touch it and experience it. Not to mention that all of this took place in my backyard.

I don't know why it took the tree so long to communicate with me. I would imagine it was me who had to get to a place that the tree could communicate. A place where I understand elemental beings can communicate, a place where I can listen and hear.

I imagine I will have many conversations with 'Grandfather' and 'Mother' tree. I'll keep you posted.



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