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We Are In The West

The leaves are changing, have you noticed? In the higher elevations the Aspens are already golden. Here in the semi-arid part of Colorado we are seeing some trees half green and half yellow. It makes me smile to see how part of the tree is easily moving into the transition and the other part holds back, waiting, resisting maybe. Much like us as humans I suspect. Summer flowers are loosing their color and the late bloomers are showing their oranges and reds and golds. It's a beautiful time of transition for plants and for us as humans.

We are in the time of the West on the Medicine Wheel. It's the time of autumn, a time of change and transition. A gentle transition brought about by going inward. It's the time we 'harvest' our wisdom, our reward for our work during the time of the East and South on the wheel which are times of growth and gaining wisdom.

It is a time of maturity, the setting sun. The West represents the end of the day, the sunset, and the one's I have seen lately are absolutely beautiful. Whatever color my summer blooming flowers have lost is showing up in the brilliance of the setting sun mid-evening.

This is also a time of letting go for us. We see this in nature all around us. Plants and flowers letting go of their color, their blooms and foliage. The sky is letting go of the light as our earth moves around the sun to lessen our daylight hours. What else for us to do during this time of darkening but to honor the work we have done and the gifts that brings and begin our rest. Acknowledging that nature has provided us with the signs we need to begin to slow our pace.

As we go deeper in the study of the West we learn it is the element of water. Bringing the energy of movement, ease and flow into our lives. Dissolving all that we no longer need to hold within us, cleansing and healing those places. If you are feeling stuck or fearful or wound up, it's time to embrace the advancing darkness. Go within this darkness and face your shadows. That's all they are, shadows. No goblins, no monsters under your bed. Allow yourself to let these things which you hold so tightly to dissolve, release them. Your attachments to people, things, behaviors, expectations. It's time to let die what is ready to die. It's time to honor what has come from the past and led you to this moment, as the time of the West, the time of autumn, is the present. Don't hold on to what is asking to go, to be released. As a tree effortlessly allows it's leaves to float away as they are ready, you can also let those things go that no longer serve you. Aho



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