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Full Moon Opportunities

I tried all day yesterday to sign on to my website and write you a blog but it wasn't happening. Each time I would type in the web address, a blank page. (Insert frustrated emoji here).

I had all kinds of information about the full moon, Thunder Moon and Buck Moon. Blah Blah Blah. As I thought about this inability to pass on my information, I assumed the Universe just wanted me to think about it for a day and my reaction to it. I'm kind of a perfectionist. It doesn't always look that way from the outside but I can be very hard on myself and take my obligations seriously. And there you have it. Obligation vs Joy. Duty vs Ease.

The Full Moon is a time of culmination. It's about bringing into manifest that which you want in your life. This particular moon is about growing fully into YOU. Me, I want more ease and I want to allow myself to be more human, not be so hard on myself in my judgement mind.

I got that chance yesterday. I was allowed to be human, to not be perfect, to let myself 'let it go'.

Some things we just have no control over and some things come to us to allow us see where we want to create change.

It's all good. I figured it out both with the website and for me personally. And by the way, this Full Moon is the perfect one for creating change, for growing fully into You and perfecting what you want, seizing the day.



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