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Who's Side Are You On?

Do you watch the news? CNN? Local programming? I haven't watched the news for years, in fact we haven't had a television for about 10 years. What I've noticed though, it's impossible to cut yourself off from the tragedies of our world. Somehow, someway it will filter down to you. There is very little positive information passed on to us through our news channels because it's the tragedies of the world that get us all riled up. It keeps us coming back again and again.

Social media, Facebook being a prime example. What started out as a vehicle to connect with friends has become an avenue to pass along information of all forms, good and not so good. It's an avenue for forcing advertisements on you that you have no control over (unless you abstain completely). It's a wonderful way to keep up with and connect with family, old and new friends, people of common minds or select groups. Unfortunately, we are unable to resist being that person that is the first one to 'spread the news'. If you are on the receiving end of that person and their compulsion to expose everybody to the worlds events, you have lost your comfort zone. Your ability to control your environment no longer exists. You can un-friend and you can un-follow but at some point there is nobody left with which to socialize.

How do we navigate these waters? These events of our day? This intrusion into our own little worlds? Some people just can't. No matter what it is they will take the side of judgement and even hate, they are drawn in. They will post and even create something to post that they would never have the courage or audacity to say to another persons face. In their minds they are anonymous. We know that is anything but true. I'm sure you have seen a post that you thought "Dear God, your Mother would cringe at you right now".

How can you move beyond this? You can't. You can, however, create your own reality. Make your own decisions. Abstain from name-calling, fear mongering, inciting hate and judgement. You are a star seed. You have the gift of rising above low vibrational entities (which may include human beings). You have the gift and common sense to make your own judgments. You are an individual. You are a light being. You are evolved way beyond inciting hate, fear and judgement.

Spend your time in prayer. Spend you time in ceremony. Spend your time in compassion. Be tolerant. You may have very strong feelings and opinions but think through what energy you want to put out into the world. What energy do you want to fill your world with? What person do you want to be?

Be nice people, we're all in this together.



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