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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Spider Medicine

As I continue my Shamanic journey in this life, seeking to blend this human existence with the ancient ways, I am constantly stunned at how slow I learn my lessons. It seems no matter how much information I acquire or how much of it I integrate, I am challenged at every turn to walk my walk.

My honey and I recently took a trip to the Southwest, to Taos. We have visited the Southwest many times and always feel the call back. As with most of us humans, we are navigating some trying times working to find our way through the blending of two different approaches to life. Sometimes with success and sometimes not so much so this time away was necessary with our busy, self-employed lives.

As my delve deeper into Shamanic teachings and my connection with nature deepens I have become more and more aware of signs from the elements. I'm not always first out of the gate with my awareness but I eventually get it as my most recent experience will tell.

Prior to leaving on our road trip we had an influx of spiders in our house. Not overly unusual, just more than had recently been seen. While on our trip my honey got a strange bite on his head, looking like a spider bite to me. I then, had my ear chewed on and again, spider bite looking. While his cleared fairly quickly mine has not finished with me yet. To top it all, on our arrival home there are 2 spiders in our bathtub. OK, I finally get it. Spider has a message.

Spider; the weaving of a new creation. We see how the spider creates, it simply throws out it's fine sticky, silken thread into the wind and allows it to find it's place naturally. There is no attachment as to where it will land, just the knowing that it will. There, the first bridge on which to build it's intricate web has been lain.

As the weaver of our web we are the creator of our reality. If spider comes to you it's a time to look within and without, are you happy? Are you not happy? What have or are you creating for yourself? Acknowledging and accepting responsibility for whatever your situation, is the turning point to creating what you want. Being clear with your desires is equally important. Letting thoughts like "I want" or "I wish" ramble around in your mind will never create what "I Am" will create. "I Am Radiant". "I Am Abundant". "I Am Peace". See the difference? When you throw your silken thread to the Universe, make sure you have a clear intention that the landing will be sure, then allow the Universe to handle the rest for you. Allowing, or giving up control of the outcome is most often the difficult part for us as humans. If you don't let go, let it go into the wind, your silken thread will never stick anywhere. Your clearly stated intention to the Universe begins a creation of Sacred Geometry in which you and your intentions are the nucleus. All is built around you and your desires.

Spider is a message for you that you now, and will continue to weave patterns throughout your life. These patterns can become weaving's of entanglement or new roads to be traveled. This is your choice. See spider as it is, a delicate creation embodying the energy of goddess and gentleness. Weaving and creating patterns of Sacred Geometry through clear intention, trust and allowing.



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