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Sacred Guide, Shamanic Healing,
Sacred Return Coaching
Art Alchemist

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Guiding you home to You


Welcome beautiful soul, awakening human. My name is Robin and I am so excited that you're here (but not surprised!). Being here, you have taken your first step into your sacred return to you.


Know that I am here to act as a Sacred Guide along your magical journey. That I see you as you are, a light being, a spark, a cosmic particle, a fiber of the Universe. You are the Alchemist of your journey and with the guidance of Spirit you will be sheltered, nurtured, expanded and loved. 


I am your Sacred Guide. I will walk with you, hold sacred space for you and use all of my magic to help you remember and hold your beautiful medicine. 


Love. Create. Be.  


"The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love"

William Sloane Coffin


 I would love to share with you, my mini-course on creating a home altar and keep in touch from time to time.  Sign up below and just like magic it will be in your inbox!

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