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Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

Shamanic Journeying

A live virtual retreat teaching you the ancient art of Shamanic Journeying

🎇Just what is  Shamanic Journeying?   

🎇How do I do it? 

🎇Why would I do it? 

🎇Is it safe for me? 

🎇What happens in a Shamanic Journey? 

During our time together in sacred space, we will talk about the history and allure of Shamanism, what denotes a

Shaman or a Shamanic path in life, and the in's and out's of Shamanic Journeys. 

Imagine if any question you ever had could be answered by the highest power in the Universe. Any problem, any situation, any illness could be addressed and answered by your team of Helping Spirits.

✨Power Animals?  You have those.

✨Guardian Spirits? Yep, you have those too.

✨Ancestors in the spirit realm waiting to help? You betcha.

In sacred journey space we reach through the veil, make contact with our Helping Spirits, Power Animals and Ancestors and bring back answers, physical healings and directions for our life's path.

How do you know if this ancient practice is for you?

🎇If you are an empath and aware of energies

🎇If you are not an empath and have no idea there are other energies

🎇If you struggle with choices and moving forward in life

🎇If you believe or feel there is a higher energy to connect with

🎇If you feel you may have lost who you are somewhere in your life experience

🎇If you want to learn about 'direct revelation' and learn to access that for your life direction

🎇You're interested in Power Animals and what yours might be

🎇You want to know what it's like to travel into the 'other realms'

🎇You've always wanted to meet you Guides face-to-face

🎇You are sure your ancestors are with you and you want to meet them

🎇If your life is an absolute **** show and you don't know what to do

🎇If you have your ducks in a row but are looking for a deeper connection to all things

Hello Beautiful Souls,

My name is Robin and I will be your guide on this magical journey into the spirit realm. I am a Shamanic Practitioner, Massage Therapist and Soul Life Guide. 

First let me welcome you to my sacred temple of safety, truth and healing. I am the custodian of this sacred space and will be your guide along this virtual journey. In my current life I am a holder of sacred space, a creator of circle,  a retriever of lost soul parts, and a diviner of crystal wisdom. A story-teller for trees, a furbaby mom, film noir junkie, an usher

for earth-bound spirits, and world traveler.

My life's work (so far) is helping people let go of limiting beliefs in a safe and liberating way and create a deeper, more intimate connection with themselves, their life and the cycles and magic of nature.


Our magical journey will take place on  ???.
  I expect each session will require approximately 3 hours. Two sessions will allow us to honor this experience, feel safe and expansive and share our experiences as well as integrate what we have learned. During our time together we will travel to the Lower World, the Upper World, to an Element, the Cosmic Incinerator and the Mother Earth Spa. We will meet with a Power Animal, a protective Guide and a Teacher. We will receive answers to our questions, physical and spiritual healings, and guidance and direction to release that which does not allow us to move forward. You will learn to feel your light radiating from within, how to immediately clear stuck energy or negativity from your physical body and

how to hold more light in your body. 

This will be a transformative experience so please make sure you are ready for the shifts

that will occur in your life.

Come with an open mind and open heart; Spirit will only take you where you are ready to go. 

There is limited seating so that I may hold space and give you each my full attention and guide you through your process.

Spirit says I have space for ?, with ? opportunities for a split payment plan

(one payment now and the 2nd payment 1 week before the retreat).

If you feel you are one of the 4, please call me directly

to make your commitment.







I look forward to meeting with you in sacred circle where we will weave ritual and

ceremony with intention, creating and calling on the medicine of our Helping Spirits and Ancestors.

We will have a private Facebook group to share our experiences and reach out if we have questions or need guidance. Please be respectful of this sacred space and each persons journey through their own process.

Our journey together will be via Zoom video conferencing and will be recorded for your access.

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