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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

You Are Not Your Darkness

It happened in a healing session. A deep abiding sense of loss had taken up residence in me and had been there for some time. But the story isn't about me, it's about this energy of loss, how it came to be, the message it learned and brought forward.

Once upon a time long, long ago, there lived a being in a forest. She was the keeper of the forest and held a deep love and connection to the trees, the elements and elementals that lived there with her.

There was an event, and her beautiful forest was destroyed as well as all that lived there. Her sense of loss was so great it consumed her and she, herself, became the embodiment of loss roaming the ethers through all times and dimensions.

Along her travels she came upon a young girl who had, herself, suffered a great loss. Here, said the being, I know how you feel as I too feel the same. Our vibrations resonate with one another, let me stay with you. The young girl invited the embodiment of loss into her life and she stayed for many years.

As the young girl grew and became a woman, she spent many years learning, experiencing and finally clearing her experiences. As she came upon the embodiment of loss she knew they no longer resonated, they were not the same, they were no longer sisters.

With the help of a friend she freed the embodiment of loss from her field, her life and her heart.

In order for the embodiment of loss to have a good sendoff, she needed to be transformed. During this process of healing, the embodiment of loss learned a lesson and brought forth a message to the woman.

Experiences are just that, experiences. They are not to be embodied. Because you have an experience does not mean that this is your path, your lot in life. It is not for you to make a home for it. Look for your light. Always look for you light. Ask the Universe to help you find yourself, if you need to. When you find it, (your light) expand it, explode it, shine it brightly but never, never believe that your experience is your destiny, your dark journey. Instead it is an opportunity for you to remember who you really are. Always look for your light.



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