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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Sacred nature

What if you saw yourself as sacred. Not 3rd dimensional, not dense matter, not physical, but sacred. Sacred as in the trees, as in the earth, the plants and animals, the stars. An innate intelligence that exists beyond our human minds. A form of intelligent energy that exists beyond any boundaries that hold our human form.

If you could see yourself this way, what would be different. What would be different about your actions, about how you perceive and move through this world. What would be different in your interactions with people you don't yet know and in your current relationships. What would be different in the way you think of yourself and the way you treat yourself. Would you eat differently? Sleep differently? Entertain yourself differently? How would you interact with your daily life and with those experiences that are acute and intense? What would be different and what would you do differently?

Because YOU ARE SACRED. You. Are. That. Sacred. You are no less sacred than the trees, than Mother Earth, than the stars. You are not less than anything else here on our planet or in the galaxies we have yet to explore. You are not made from less precious or less sacred energy. The structure of your matter is not sub-par. What does this now do for you? Does it shift your perception of yourself? Of life?

Consider this today, and each day after. You are sacred nature. Beautiful, divine, precious, unique. Each energy pattern, though collectively one, is unique. When brought together they create a oneness, a collective.

How will you be now that you see yourself as sacred, as sacred nature? How will this change you or how will you begin to change in this new way of seeing yourself and all those around you?

What if?



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