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  • Robin Kimbrel-Wiggs

Breaking Through

I'm listening to a webinar this morning and there was a reference to the sense of a chick breaking out of it's shell. The analogy was that of, if we don't start freeing ourselves from the shell when the time is right, the incentive or motivation to do so diminishes.

My guidance as I listened to this was that we all are 'incubated' at different times in our lives. We become 'seeded' and hopefully eventually 'born' into our new and relevant selves.

Let's back up a bit, as we are seeded and begin our incubation by whatever new part of ourselves that is asking to be welcomed, we feel (and are) fed, nurtured, and given just the right amount of space for growth in this state of incubation. We are safe in the harbor or our new protective shell. We grow, we become aware, we expand and yet it is all still very safe and protected.

Then there comes that moment when our shell becomes slightly restrictive, it's getting tight, it no longer seems to fit or feel safe. We have outgrown it. This, this is the moment. The moment when we are urged to peck at this shell, break free of it, liberate ourselves, allow ourselves to expand even further and step out there and meet our next awakening self.

What happens if we don't? What happens if we let fear of the unknown, fear of our own expansion, the fear of change paralyze us? We will be consumed by our own safe harbor. If we do not allow ourselves to peck free of this shell and welcome the light of transformation, we will be absorbed back into our original state. Just as organic matter will compost and be re-consumed by it's own energies, so will we.

Don't be afraid beautiful souls. Liberate yourself. Peck free! Open the portal and welcome the light of transformation. You will be guided, you will be protected. It isn't the unknown as we believe, because you've done this before.



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