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Deep Tissue

Focus is on the deep layers of muscle tissue is an effort to release long-standing patterns of tension and constriction and bring the life force of blood flow and circulation back to the tissue, releasing pain both physical and emotional. Deep tissue massage is achieved by using less oil or lotion and a slower massage stroke, allowing the tissue to release in it's own time.
(No extra Charge)




Supporting the physiologic, structural and emotional well-being of both Mother and fetus throughout pregnancy as well as postpartum. Easing the discomfort brought about by the change of structure in the Mother's body.
(No extra Charge)




Long, directed strokes, increasing oxygen flow in the blood and muscle tissue as well as increasing circulation throughout the body and harmonizing its systems.  Stretching and lengthening muscle tissue keeping it supple and pliable, and as if by magic stimulating and calming the nervous system reducing stress, both emotional and physical. 



Massage Cupping

An ancient therapy which mobilizes blood flow in constricted tissue and acts as a kind of reverse myofascial release. Easing restrictions in tissue and enhancing blood flow with less discomfort.
(No extra charge: Can be added at your request or if I see a need.)


Massage Therapy Sessions


45 minute session | $55

65 minute session | $75

 75 minute session | $85 

See Blended Sessions to add a Spirit reading to your session.


Monkey Brain Massage

A healing 75 minute session and by far the favorite. A 60 minute full body massage with a 15 minute 'Mind-Clearing' technique. The mind-clearing technique puts you into a deep state of relaxation before we ever begin the massage. A good intro into energy healing and a perfect way to settle that 'monkey mind' You will never again look at massage the same way. 



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