How To Navigate

It's Christmas time and for me that often brings up thoughts of well, disruption. I know, I know, it's the holidays, it's Christmas, presents, joy, cheer....insert eye roll here. For me it's about the need to rearrange the physical things in my life. Furniture, chachkies, things that have a permanent place in my home and office that now need to be shifted to make room for a holiday display which will last all of two weeks then I get to undo the whole process. BLAH! I used to love this. I waited all year long to be able to revisit my Christmas decorations which I collected everywhere I traveled.I have boxes and boxes of decorations and ornaments and although I barely put anything out in the p

Once We Learn To Say 'No'

It's kind of been the 'thing' the past few years, learning to say 'no'. Of course the purpose of that movement was to give us all permission to stick up for ourselves, to love and respect ourselves, to start to notice when we were allowing ourselves to be manipulated or used and to work towards putting a stop to that in our lives. The causes of and results of not being able to say 'no' are a rabbit hole we won't dive into today, but the benefit of learning to say 'no' to behaviors and experiences in our lives are exponentially positive. For us personally as well as the other people in our lives. Often we are born into families that could use a little guidance themselves before they attempt

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